God and Me and Sweet Iced Tea (Book Review)

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sweet iced teaNormally I post fiction books here on Fridays, but today I’m taking a departure from that to share with you a sweet devotional by Rose Chandler Johnson entitled God and Me and Sweet Iced Tea.

I was attracted to this because I often refer to my own time with God in the mornings as “God and me and a cup of tea.” But mine is spiced chai latte Hey, I’m a northern gal and while I like my tea sweet – I also like it hot and combined with other spices.

This devotional is also unusual because I’m still savoring it and enjoying it and it’s not like a normal book to read and review where I was able to finish it on time. Well, I could have, because the chapters are short and, yes, sweet. Rushing through though would defeat the purpose of letting a book like this help you reignite your walk with God.

Rose set’s this book up nicely with a scripture, devotional and then suggested readings and things to consider. I”m a gal who likes to journal and there is a little space in there for that. Probably not enough for me but since I have the e-book version, my thoughts go in my regular pencil and paper journal. It is followed by a brief prayer, a little “Sweet Tea Moment” and then a prayer focus.

I’m impressed at the simplicity but the depth of this devotional and if you need a little something special to spruce up your dates with God, then perhaps this will be your cup of tea!

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  1. Susan …

    Thank you for the review of Rose Chandler Johnson’s “God, Me, and Sweet Iced Tea.” I thought the book was fantastic! I am also enjoying all the reviews and comments and great publicity she is getting. Love you, Rose!


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