Re-entry: When the Conference is Over and You Go Home

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Estes Park 1As I wrote a couple of weeks ago – it’s conference season for writers. I was blessed to attend the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference this past week, returning last night to a home grateful to have mom back. No one was happier than my dog!

I was thrilled I didn’t succumb to altitude sickness high up in the Rocky Mountains. Even though I did have laryngitis for the majority of my time there, it didn’t slow me down. Some said my voice sounded “husky” which is quite appropriate for a romance author/editor, dontcha think?

I was honored and blessed to meet with many writers and encourage and pray with them. I also met with many faculty as well. Hugs, laughter and the moving of God’s Spirit combined to make for a fabulous time.

Because people tease me that I am now a Whoovian I can say I feel like I’ve now traveled through time and space (on Delta Airlines) to a different dimension as I returned home.

The fact is, whether you are faculty or a conferee, you will have to return back to real life. Many of us lamented that we could just stay in that place, explore, write, and rest. Authors escape reality all the time but let’s face it, it is still work. Faculty, like me, were blessed to be there but again, it is work.

I’m still sick and exhausted and my kids are out of school now so we are officially into summer vacation. I’m grateful my husband cared for them well and even cleaned out the back entry way and scrubbed the downstairs, most often used, bathroom! ¬†Those are painful for me to do with my herniated disc. Makes me wonder what else might get done when I leave in two weeks for Write to Publish?

The one thing I do know is that I am richer for the experience of having gone. I have met some of God’s most amazing humans and heard some of the coolest stories of how God is working in their lives. Those are more important than the stories pitched to me and I was incredibly blessed that the majority of those who sat and talked to me saw me as a sister in Christ, not just someone who might buy their novel. I have memories of great laughter and joy surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation–including his people!

Today I’m tired. And sick. And it’s a crazy start to my week. I slept in and am now praying or those at the Blue Ridge Christian Writer’s Conference¬†where I have many friends. I know they are in a beautiful space and soaking up so much in the way of information and connections. For many writers, being introverts, this can be a stretch!

So, if you have been to a conference, at one now, or going to one, make sure you take into account the re-entry when you return and be good to yourself. Build in time afterwards to refuel, sleep and let all that you experienced gel in your heart and soul as treasures and gifts from our wonderful God.

8 thoughts on “Re-entry: When the Conference is Over and You Go Home

  1. So glad you had a great time! And these are some great ‘reality check’ tips for if I ever go to a conference. I tend to be a mountains and valleys type of person, so I can see coming down from the heights as being painful. I’m sure you blessed oodles of folks!

  2. Of late, I feel the urge to attend conferences and meet other writers. I have indulged in a fair amount of solitary writing and want to explore the social and public aspects of it now. Being in India though, I feel most opportunities are far away and involve much cost. Still thinking over ways to make it happen!

    • It can be an expensive venture, especially for a new author. It is worth it though as the publishing world is as much about relationships as it is about great stories. Keep your eyes open and if nothing else – organize one and meet a need!

  3. Susan – I am so glad I purchased the CD of your Heart of Romance workshop because I listened to it on my drive home and was renewed all over again. Thanks for coming to our grand Rocky Mountains. Many were blessed by your presentation and your personal approachableness (new word!) as an editor.

    • I’m so glad you were blessed again! It was a fun workshop (at least for me but I think everyone enjoyed themselves!). It was such a delight to be there to serve all of you! I think I received more than I gave.

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