Romantic Suspense

Romantic Suspense: Maybe initially victims of the schemes of men, these women learn to stretch beyond their fears and insecurities to fight for what is important, willing to sacrifice for others out of their faith in God and maybe, just maybe, have the love their heart desires.


Madeline Baxter has a deadly secret, only she doesn’t know what it is until events conspire to unheart hidden memories. Other secrets have been kept for seventeen years. Now God has asked her to return to Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin and face her fears. Parker Allen has loved Madi for twenty years. As graduating High School sweethearts they were planning to marry when she suddenly disappeared. Now she’s back, more beautiful than ever and his heart is twisted in knots. Why can’t she just be honest about what happened way back then? Just what is she hiding?


Whitney Anderson had a peaceful  life married to her handsome military husband, Blake. Learning of his death, however, leaves her hurting and vulnerable. When Blake returns, very much alive, he manages to stop her marriage to another. A battle for his property ensues which harbors untapped oil reserves. Stepping in to fight the oil battle on the home-front that he has been waging for years overseas puts him and Whitney in danger. As terrorists seek to kill them both, Whitney discovers she is more than the wife of a rancher, she is capable of fighting some battles herself.


A wounded hero trapped in a prison of his mind . . . can a lonely young woman free him?

Finnian Hunt has been released after four years of being a prisoner-of-war in Afghanistan. While grateful he survived, he’s finding his return to civilian life to be difficult. His father is dead and his fiancée married someone else a year into his captivity. Re-entry to the real world has been challenging.

Piper Piccolo hasn’t had much luck with love. She’d moved to a small Wisconsin town to be near her fiancé only to be ditched by him for a local girl—his high school sweetheart.  Slightly overweight, she works at a beauty shop taking appointments and collecting payment.

Two unlikely people, both lonely and adrift, begin to cling to each other in the stormy sea of life which becomes even more-so when someone puts a bullseye on Finn’s back to prevent him from talking publically about exactly what happened when he was captured by the enemy.

Can Piper save him from himself and his attacker without losing herself in the process?

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