Christmas Novellas and Short Stories

Reading Time: 7 minutes


Little bits

This book contains 18 flash fiction and short story clean and inspirational romances to warm your heart and make you smile.



In the late 1800’s, Grant and Lily have established their farm amongst the bluffs of western Wisconsin. As they anticipate the birth of their first child, tragedy strikes. With shaken faith and grief driving a wedge between them, is it possible for three orphans to heal Grant and Lily’s heart and relationship?

This novella is also featured in print in a collection of three novellas in Love’s Christmas Past. 

Gabriel Morgan returns to the Northumberland village of Corby as the new church pastor. Eager to serve his parishioners, he settles into the position with energy and enthusiasm. He doesn’t expect to run into Mattie Wilson, the girl he grew up with—the woman he fell in love with—and then lost years ago. Reconnecting with Gabriel stirs up long-lost dreams in Miss Matilda Wilson, but her father’s overindulgences and shameful death, have brought her down in the world since her carefree, youthful days with Gabriel. Ashamed of her father’s past and struggling to understand her Grandfather’s quiet brand of faith, she struggles with believing anyone can find her worthy of love—especially Gabriel, whose love for God tugged him away from her once already.As the two become reacquainted, and Gabriel recognizes Matilda’s broken, hesitant spirit, his heart aches for her. While he eagerly shares with her the wonder of God, a small miracle binds them together—the discovery of an abandoned baby.As Christmas draws near, can Gabriel break down the walls of Matilda’s heart to see the wonder of it all? His affection for her blooms as he watches her uncover the greatest gift of all—unconditional love.

After the unexpected death of her father, Miss Sylvia Burnett visits her friend who resides in the same area where her father’s mentee, Bruce Miller, set up practice. With a calf-love on her part, Sylvia and Bruce once agreed to wed each other if she remained unattached to a certain age. But are youthful promises meant to be kept? Will the handsome physician want her now?Dr. Bruce Miller has watched all his friends marry and begin their families, but village life has not provided him with a wife. When a letter from the daughter of the doctor with whom he interned arrives at his door, hope soars within that maybe this woman is the answer to his lonely nights. As influenza spreads and Sylvia uses her talents in medicine to aid the doctor, will he find her competition or a viable companion? With Christmas dawning, will dreams be shattered or fulfilled?

Noelle Starr hates her name and her Christmas Eve birthday. This year, as she works as an event coordinator for a huge Christmas gala, she is dealing with a handsome corporate assistant who has big plans and effusive faith. Can she make it through this season with her sanity intact?

Rudolph Cameron was named for his great-grandfather and grew up being teased for his unfortunate penchant for looking rosy-cheeked and red-nosed in the cold Wisconsin winters, but that never dampened his thrill of celebrating the birth of Christ. This year, a certain woman is sweetening the Christmas season…except she hates this time of year! Now if he can only get her to look past her own name to see the real reason for the season.


Pixie Mackowiak is thrilled to help her mom plan the Christmas gathering at her parents’ home. Due to her mom’s recent surgery, Pixie is fully in charge as family gather in the North Woods of Wisconsin. The perfect Christmas is well on its way until her childhood crush comes knocking on the door with a crisis in the midst of a snowstorm.

Pixie has grown up, older but not taller, and Klaus Kazcka finds he is entranced by the mature, pint-sized tornado who used to annoy him when they were younger. Unfortunately, his arrival with his sister on the Mackowiak doorstep throws the holiday into confusion. Can love grow in the midst of it all? And how will Pixie get her perfect Christmas in the midst of all the chaos?

Sam “Slam-Dunk” Cherio is wounded on his last mission for the Army, so he heads to his friend’s Montana ranch to recuperate through the Christmas season. The bliss of family life is hard to swallow, but when he meets Mika Slovinika, she intrigues him, and he wants to know more about her.

Mika is struggling in this strange new place in America. Her boss is mean. She has nothing to call her own, and she might be sent home. Running into Slam-Dunk at the grocery store gives her hope.

Slam-Dunk might be in love, but is Mika free to reciprocate? Something is holding her back. His military training might be needed again to fight a different battle. Maybe Christmas will involve the best gift of all—freedom.

Lucas Spanning’s long term widowhood leaves a hollowness inside him. As Christmas draws near, helping out at the local church’s toy drive gives him something to do that has meaning.

Shelby has experienced her own losses yet chooses to help with the toy drive even though her own daughter will likely get little this holiday season. But that’s not important. They are together, and alive.

For now.

Running into Lucas stirs up embers long dead, but Shelby wonders if love could put her and her daughter at serious risk. Is it worth it? Will their lives unravel, or will there be a Christmas miracle for them all?


Freshly out of mourning for her stepfather, Miss Adelia Donovan’ s mother decides that it is time for her daughter to have a season. Addy resists the notion, but her stepfather’ s heir, Lord Oliver Westcott, encourages the endeavor. Little does Addy expect to feel excitement at the prospect of gaining a husband—and disappointment when the one man she wants to court her shows more interest in setting her up with others than pursuing her himself.

Addy was a thorn in Oliver’s side when they were growing up, but she has blossomed into a lovely young woman who deserves to be happy. Oliver vows to do all he can to make Adelia’s season a success, even enlisting the help of a friend to get her established among the Ton. Oliver thinks he’s doing right by Addy, but little does he expect his own reaction to seeing her courted by other eligible bachelors.

The season does not go as planned, and any dream of finding a husband for Christmas must be dashed unless both Addy and Oliver have the courage to admit the truth of their feelings for each other.


Miss Seraphina Babington is ready to race her prize stallion, but has no clue how that will impact her life, especially when the horse wins and garners the attention of everyone. Her parents are pressuring her to give up the stable for marriage and family, but most men want her for her horse. Sera wants a love match. Will anyone be willing to love her and accept her passion for horses as part of the bargain?

The Honorable Earnest Oxley is obsessed with horses. But when he spies the majestic Hannover stallion, a perfect match to his mare, and decides to get close to the horse’s owner in order to secure the stallion, he has to ask himself whether he’s truly after the horse, or the lovely Miss Seraphina Babington.