Orchard Hill Series

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These stories are set in the Northwest suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and show the struggles of young college age or career-oriented adults against the backdrop of a viable faith community: Orchard Hill Church. All available in ebook and print versions.


 Renata tries escape her past and runs straight into . . . love.

Renata Blake has moved to the Milwaukee area to leave behind a painful past as a victim of abuse. She discovers a family like she’s never had before, at Orchard Hill Church and is drawn to handsome Packer fanatic, Antonio. After all she’s suffered through, could she ever trust a man again?

Antonio DeLuca has a full life with his family, church and his job as chef and manager at DeLuca’s Cucina. Having been betrayed in love, he is afraid to trust a woman again. How would he fit her into his already full life anyway?

As circumstances draw them together and attempt to tear them apart, life becomes a combination of savory pesto and painful potholes as both Tony and Renata learn that with God’s help, and the support of a faith community, they can both learn to love again.

And maybe fight a few ninjas along the way.


SalsaandSpeedbumps copy (2)

Stephanie discovers that one night of unwanted passion has turned her world upside down. Her ho hum life crashes in on her as new choices need to be made and new love complicates it all. Her obedience to God comes at a price.

Roberto is an attorney who falls for the blonde bombshell, more for her honesty about her struggles and her heart than her physical beauty. Struggling with his own demons he has no trouble extending grace to Stephanie. He soon finds his association with her has devastating consequences. He learns that standing in his integrity can be a lonely place.

Joining together to face a difficult future, their problems don’t ease. Is God sovereign over this all? Is it possible for them to have a happy ending – or at least a fresh life of promise?


Nikolos Acton is the lead singer of a Christian Band, Specific Gravity, that used to be at the top of the charts. His best friend’s cancer scare and burn out for the band led them to drop fame at its peak. But now, they are back and struggling to make it in the industry, touring the country with their manager, Tia.

Tia Bartel has loved Niko for the longest time, but it wasn’t until she stepped in to save his life, almost losing her own, that Niko realizes what has been there before him all along. As they journey on the freeway of life and love, they encounter struggles as they are forced to rely on their faith, friends, and their family at Orchard Hill church to make it through.


Johnny Marshall’s cancer is back . . . and so is the girl who broke his heart seven years ago. As Johnny struggles to find the will to live and fight his second round of cancer, he finds hope can come in small packages of bubbly energy.

Years ago, Katie had abandoned the one man she had ever loved, having bought into her parent’s narrow views of finding a man worthy and wealthy enough for her. She had never even looked because no one had compared to Johnny. But is their reunion right on time or too late for a future together?


Sometimes, God uses our deepest pain to build bridges to his blessings.

Pastor Dan Wink has suffered his greatest loss. His best friend, Sharon, died a year ago. He’s ready to walk away from ministry at Orchard Hill church . . . and life. But the men he’s ministered to over the years won’t let him. Sometimes accountability sucks. And the redhead next door with her precocious children brings up desires he thought had died with his wife.

Skye O’Connell has given up much to rescue herself and her kids from her ex-husband’s drug abuse. The fact is, he abandoned her years ago. With a new job she’s come to the Milwaukee area to start over . . . but something about the enigmatic pastor whose balcony borders hers has her asking questions she’s not comfortable with.

DONUTS &https://amzn.to/40iXoAX DETOURS

Titus Rickmeyer has a servant’s heart. Mechanic and tow-truck driver he’s used to coming to the aid of damsels in distress, especially serving as part of Orchard Hill’s Garage Ministry in his spare time. So why is he suddenly suspicious of the young man fixing cars and bringing donuts to the repair shop at church?

Bethany Joelle Hanson has been on her own for too long. Orphaned and dumped into foster care at a young age she bounced around the system until declaring her independence at sixteen. She holds her secrets close. She wonders if God has orphaned her too. Working as an assistant baker at a local grocery store, she becomes B.J. in her off hours to work on cars at the Garage Ministry where all the guys there think she’s one of them. But something about Titus threatens her long honed desire to hide her femininity.

The twists and turn in their relationship lead to detours on the way to the sweet taste of love.


truffles and traffic a book cover featuring a female officer in uniform that promises bullets, chocolate, faith and a second chance at love?

Jo March has found peace at last through new faith after starting to attend Orchard Hill Church at the suggestion of a coworker at the Menomonee Falls Police Department where she works. That peace is challenged though when her ex-husband walks into the adult group social one night. He says he’s changed but she struggles to believe it. God can do anything, right? Why can’t she trust that its true?

Benedict Elliot works on computers by day and creates decadent chocolate at night. He made his share of mistakes but losing Jo was the biggest of them all. It’s a shot to the heart when he sees her at church. The last place they’d ever expect to meet. But can he prove to her he’s changed and that he’s not the same man he was? Can he juggle his love for making truffles with his desire for her sweet embrace without losing both?


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