Black Diamond Gothic Regency Series

These are my current historical romances that are all contracted.  They all take place in Regency England (early 1800’s).



Fighting evil has been a hobby. But fending off marriage-minded women—a chore.

Lord Charles Percy fends off a highwayman robbing a carriage in broad daylight. Noting that he’s rescued a young debutante, the sister to a college friend, he lies about his title claiming to be a mere mister. But Lady Henrietta Allendale isn’t convinced he is who he claims to be in spite of his act of heroism on her behalf.

Meeting again in London, Lord Percy has a harder time keeping his true identity a secret from the confident Henrietta as she engages in the season. Finally coming clean, Charles endeavors to protect the outgoing Henrietta from the minions of the Black Diamond who have set their sights on her because she humiliated one of them. Saving her results in scandal. Now that Charles has fallen in love with her can he convince her that everything else he’s said is real, including their friendship?

Can the truth set them free to pursue love?


Lord Marcus Remington has decided it is time to find a wife. He didn’t expect her to be in the wreckage of a carriage in the middle of a spring storm. Rescuing Miss Josephine Storm was the beginning of challenges to the heart and character of the man known in London as the “Virtuous Viscount.” But when the injured young woman weighs heavy on his mind, convention goes out the window.

As Miss Josephine Storm recovers her physical health, her heart is in even more danger. When her life is threatened, Marcus has to make a choice to potentially lose her good favor as he risks his virtuous reputation in order to save Josie’s life without her knowing it.

Can Josie believe in the man she thought she knew when the facts say otherwise?


Lord Phillip Westcombe really didn’t want to marry, but unexpectedly finds himself wed to a woman with a past, that launches them both into an adventure that tests their marriage and their faith as they fight for each other and England.

SIR MICHAEL’S MAYHEM(February 2018) 

Sir Michael Tidley is on a secret mission for the Crown. The last thing he needs is a meddlesome young woman to complicate things. Miss Katrina Shepherd has privately loved Michael long before he was ever knighted and welcomed amongst the ton. Can this mousy wisp of a woman help him in his task? Can Katrina find the answers she is seeking while at the same time keeping Michael safe from those who are pursuing his demise?


Late to the game of love, his pursuit of a widow brings Lord Theodore Harrow face to face with challenges the mild-mannered hero never expected.  Mrs. Valeria Wilson is not who she pretends she is and her need to hide is thwarted by the suffocating care offered by Theo and his friends. Can she keep her heart safe and her secret persevered while taking advantage of the help these people have to offer her in her desperate straights?


Captain Jared Allendale is ready to cash out of the British Army but Lord Wellington has one last mission for him. He must travel to Scotland to retrieve a “package” and return it safely to London. Lady Penelope is more than a package, however, and has ideas of her own and conflicting allegiances between the handsome war hero who comes for her and her father, the traitorous Duke of Diamonte who is also pursuing her. Can Jared deliver her safely without losing his heart along the way?


2 thoughts on “Black Diamond Gothic Regency Series

  1. I love these books. I can’t wait for the completed series to come out. I have several friends who love to read but don’t know Christ as saviour and this would be the perfect way to lead them to Christ. Thank you. The stories are addictive!

    Liked by 1 person

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