I Love Fall!

Autumn has always been a season I have loved. Not really sure why. Every time I used to take vacation in September – it would rain the entire time, which made it hard to enjoy the nice crisp cool air and beautiful colors.

There are some negatives to this season.  Days are getting shorter.  Sometimes it can be damp and allergies can kick in until that first frost.  Leaves can be a pain to rake. What follows is the cold and bleakness of winter. (My husband tends to dwell on that instead of enjoying this particular season).  And doesn’t it seem that there are more viruses this time of year?

However, I love the coziness of snuggling up in a fleece sweatshirt and having my windows open again. Soft fuzzy socks!  No mosquitoes!  The colors! Seeing the berries on my bittersweet turning orange/red against the brown of the branches.  If I had a yard of my own I’d plant it full of sugar maples. I absolutely LOVE the reds but when mixed with the yellows and oranges – well – it is simply breathtaking when we are at or close to peak colors. There is such a beauty to fall when you have brown crunchy leaves and bright orange pumpkins and red apples. Inhaling the scent of mums.  Fresh baked apple pie!  If my oven were working I’d bake one today since I’m home with a sick kid.  I love the smell that gives the entire house.  The crunch of dried leaves between your feet seems so satisfying.  Fall is full of visual and olfactory and tactile sensations that I enjoy – maybe all the more because they are so brief.

Above all, my most favorite thing is this:  jumping in a pile of leaves.  I have great memories of my brothers and I making leaf homes, playing for hours in the cool crisp air and throwing leaves and jumping in them.  In the years as an adult, before I had kids, I didn’t have opportunities to jump in leaf piles and I missed it!  It’s not like you can go to a stranger’s yard and say, “Hey, can I rake a pile of leaves, jump in it, lay on top of it and watch the clouds go by and when I’m done, leave it there?”  Yeah, they’d becoming to take me away pretty quick to the funny farm (or psych ward).  So I look forward to the leaf piles with my children. We have a lot of trees so we can get a pile pretty quickly although for some odd reason the trees in our little valley are a little slow to turn and drop (some kind of developmental disorder maybe?).  I may get dirt and twigs in my hair, but it will be worth it to relax and inhale the fresh fall air and know that even when the seasons change, in this world, or in my life, there is beauty and peace as I rest in the God who planned it all.


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