If I Were to Run Away from Home

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I was trying to think and be creative and it hit me. I am tired. Not sure why, but I really am. Totally zoning today as I write. Not much seems to upset me. This alone is a novelty and I’m trying to enjoy it.  But it made me long for the opportunity to run away. Maybe to a Bed and Breakfast where I could sleep as much as I wanted to, eat snacks (except for an exceptionally wonderful breakfast), and maybe even write. There’s one I have in mind that isn’t too far from home that is actually a gorgeous log cabin and each room as a whirlpool tub!  Just a few nights of peace and quite and rest. Yup. That would be sweet.

But then I think about it and if I’m going to run away, shouldn’t I be more creative? How about to St. Louis to visit a dear friend, Amy, who is now a massage therapist! Oh, yeah. Fun with my friend, Amy AND a massage!? Sounds sweet!  Of course I take no kids with me.

Then I think to myself. I’ve never been to New York. To go there with a friend would be an adventure. Facing the new, seeing a Broadway show, visiting Central Park and other things, like the Statue of Liberty and the site of the 9/11 attacks.

Obviously money is not an equation in my dreams of escape.

Ultimately, I’d hop a flight to London.  Heathrow Airport, here I come! To have fish and chips in a pub. To attempt to master the British pound. To take a tour to a castle or two again and get totally whacked out by the drivers going down the left side of the road! Tower of London, cathedrals. I missed Hyde Park last time I was there, so to spend time there would be sweet too. Yup, jolly ol’ England beckons. Probably even more so, as I long to get back into a final edit of “The Virtuous Viscount” to prepare for shopping it around and possible publication I could write about London, while, gasp, in LONDON! Whoa!

I don’t really care about escaping the cold of winter in Wisconsin, although I am feeling a bit chilled right now. It’s more about adventure . . . and a spot of rest. I long for a bit of time away from the daily challenges of being a mom and living my life. I don’t want to be gone forever from my life. . . just take a break from it.

How about you? It’s January and do you have any “cabin fever” already where you long for some adventure and a change from your regular life? If money were no object and you could go anywhere . . . where would you go, and why?

5 thoughts on “If I Were to Run Away from Home

  1. You are singing my song! My best friend and I keep a list of our must-see places and we are tearing through them. This year we finally make it to Istanbul. I keep a globe in my living room just for daydreaming. If you give yourself one luxury in your life, it should be travel. I live in WV, a beautiful state, and I’ve driven across the country several times – never get tired of seeing it. My goal is to make it to all the continents before I die (although Antartica might be a bit tricky.) Whenever I think of blowing money I think “Do I want to buy this thing or do I want to have coffee in Rome?” Not a toughie! Good luck with your travel dreams. Get your kids in the car and see this gorgeous, startling and spectacular country! Travel changes everything.

    • I’m glad you are getting out and seeing the bigger world! It really does change your perspective and it sounds like you are enjoying pursuing your adventures and making them more than just a dream! Way to go! 🙂

  2. Yikes! After the weekend I have had I am right there with you! Actually, I would have been even if the weekend had been good! First off, I would probably beg you to take me with you to New York, there is something fascinating about that city! I have always wanted to go travel, but I have always had the stipulation that it would have to be with someone who’s already been there, done that. I think that bodes from the fact that I don’t want to waste my time while I’m there or miss any of the cool stuff while I try to plan out what I want to do, and that anyone that has been there before knows the places that are off the “beaten track”. My ultimate trip (no budget in site) would be a trip through Europe-mainly Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany, and a little town my ancestors are from-Axel, Netherlands (my sister has been there and said the whole town smells like our Great Aunt Annie’s house…it would be a treat to smell that again after 17 years!) I also would love to take a train ride through the States. There is something about doing that that seems to be a draw for me. I think that again has something to do with the “off the beaten track” spirit that seems to dwell inside! Besides, flying is overrated and traveling by car too boring! Anyway, those are my travel thoughts as I watch the snow fly and the temps drop!

    • Kerry, I’ve never been to New York, but sometimes those spur of the moment things can create the best memories! I’ve been to England, but not Scotland and Ireland – and Germany sounds beautiful too! Such a big world – so much to see and experience! Nice to at least dream. . .

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