I Choose You (New Romance Anthology)

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anthology“Want a quick romance read that will tingle your toes, make you say “ahh…,” and cause your heart to sing?   I Choose You is a compilation of the best -of-the-best romance short stories from across the globe. Experience the mystery, the warmth, the laughter, the sweetness of love. The kind of love that says “I will…as long as we both shall live.”

This book contains thirty-eight short, clean and inspirational romance stories that were selected from a contest held by OakTara Publishers and edited by Ramona Tucker and Jennifer Wessner. I was fortunate to be one of the authors whose story was selected for this and I hope you get a chance to read “Angel on Fourth Street.”

This will eventually be available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target as well as other outlets. When they are I will post the links. The link above is where you can purchase it right now through OakTara.

Authors in this anthology (besides myself) are: Elaine Baldwin, M.E. Born, Mary Cantell, Christina Ryan Claypool, Jan Cline, Elaine Marie Cooper, Sadi and Sophie Cuffe, JoAnn Durgin, Diane E. Ellenwood, Beatrice Fishback, Lynn Gipson, Sara Gipson, Kathryn Hartman, Jenny Johnson, Gail Kittleson, Connie Mann, Anne-Marie Mooney, Millicent Njue, Candice Sue Patterson, Laura Hodges Poole, Janet R. Sady, Tricia Saxby, Beverly LaHote Schwind, Esther Seaton-Dummer, Sharon Bernash Smith, Charlotte S. Snead, Davalynn Spencer, Mary Ellen Stone, Kristina Storer, Dicky To, Carole Towriss, Jude Urbanski, Aletheia Von Gottlieb, Lori-Ann Whyte, Marlene Worrall.

A delightful gift for Christmas!

3 thoughts on “I Choose You (New Romance Anthology)

  1. Susan, It was very kind of you to list all the authors who are included in the new OakTara Christian romance anthology, “I Choose You.” My fiction romance story titled, “Not Just Another Casserole Lady,” is in the book, too. How exciting for all of us. May God bless you and may God richly bless the message of this wonderful OakTara publication. It reminds those feeling forgotten, that love can find one in the most amazing and miraculous ways.

  2. Yes, Susan, thank you for blogging on this fun, fun book. It is my first time to be in an anthology (Cyber Love) but I can tell you I’m enjoying reading all the other stories as well. The book is a excellent gift idea.

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