A Change of Fortune (Book Review)

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a change of fortuneI love historical romances that have a bit of wit and whimsy to them and Jen Turano serves up a generous helping of both in her novel, A Change of Fortune.

Lady Eliza loses everything, including her fiance. In a desperate scheme, she sails from England to America to find the man who not only stole her money, but her families title and good reputation as well. To make her plan successful, however, the English aristocrat hires herself out as a governess, sports spectacles and seeks, in her spare time, to ferret out the whereabouts of yon thief.

The entire adventure puts her in the path of another man also in pursuit against said criminal and they team up with some fun results.

Mr. Hamilton Beckett seems intrigued with the mousy governess in her unattractive garb and her clumsy behavior. He is a widow raising two wild children who fall in love with Lady Eliza. As she leaves her post to come to his home, she takes the motherless children under her wing and the attachment becomes mutual.

Can a man trying to work on his business, avoid the sparks that fly when Eliza is around?

Also – I loved the cover of this book as well. The image of Lady Eliza seemed to fit perfectly with the descriptions in the book, including that spark of whimsy that is woven in the novel.

This story is a delightful romp that will have you smiling in many places. It was a delightful read. Thank you Jan for an entertaining romance and thank you Bethany House for publishing it.

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