Journey to Lekhipani

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scan0001It wasn’t until I was an adult that I had a chance to read my Grandfather’s memories of WWII. I am pleased to present Journey to Lekhipani, my grandfather’s memoir. He didn’t see front line battles but he told stories that made me feel like I knew what it was like to be on a Troop Ship, and walk the filthy streets of Burma and try to sleep in the jungles of India. It’s not a long memoir but it was his.

I remember my Grandfather as being a laid back guy who didn’t mind hunting for ping pong balls for his grandchildren. He took me driving when I had my temps and tried to talk my dad into buying his car for me. I wasn’t too aware of his first battle with cancer but his last was hard to watch. I have fond memories of having him and Grandma over to dinner and climbing the lighthouse in our town and visiting the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) airshow together. I’m glad I made the effort to be friends with my grandparents before he died.

Journey to Lekhipani

He’s been gone too long now. He never saw me get married and my children never knew him. The final chapter of the book was read at my wedding which was special. He was just a really special guy.

I asked my Grandmother if I could type up the journey and self-publish it and she gave permission. I love her to pieces! I did this mostly for family, but also because it’s a different view of┬áthat┬átime period. So, here it is, Grandpa, I hope you would be proud and I wish you had written more over the years. You had a gift with words. Now the world can enjoy that as well.

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