Take a Chance on Me (Book Review)

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take a chance on meI have to admit, that I keep hearing that silly Abba song when I think of this title. Susan May Warren’s romance, Take a Chance on Me is not the fluff of an Abba song though. It is instead a complex and well written tale of five people told from four points of view.

Yeah, because one character is dead. Kind of hard for her to talk.

Darek Christiansen has a heavy burden as a man who gave up his dream career when his wife, Felicity died a tragic death. Not only does he grieve his mistakes as a husband and father, but he carries a huge weight of anger and resentment towards his best friend, Jensen.

Ivy Madison is new to town and as high hopes that this will be the place where she can, for once in her life, put down roots and feel like she belongs. She makes an outrageous bid for a bachelor in a charity auction that turns out to be the surly Darek who is not interested in a relationship.

As Ivy’s role in the sentencing of Jenson three years ago, for the alleged crime of killing Darek’s wife unfolds, so does a romance between Jepsen and Claire who was Felicity’s best friend.  Darek falls for Ivy but soon burns in anger against her in her role as Assistant District Attorney results in his son being removed from his home.

As a fire heads for their little town in northern Minnesota, will all the relationships burn to ash as well?

This story is so multi-faceted. Felicity, although dead, is a viable presence throughout this novel. Older folks prove to be valuable mentors and encouragers as the younger adults struggle with love and their faith in God.

This was the first book I ever read by Susan May Warren but I doubt it will be the last.

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