Can You Hear Me Now?

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Image courtesy of cooldesign /

When I started pursuing this “writing thing,” I learned that I needed to have a blog.

I didn’t want to.

My own email, twitter feed and Facebook timeline are littered with links to blogs on almost every subject imaginable.

Some blogs have become really popular, in spite of even possibly heretical teachings on it. Ah, but we like our ears tickeled, don’t we?

Some blogs provide valuable information.

I feared my wee little voice was not going to be heard amongst the cacophany of the World Wide Web.

I don’t often feel like I even have that much to offer. Some days I don’t want to write. I don’t want to be a clanging cymbal. I don’t want to add to the noise.

I’m here creating a platform. Why? So that when my books finally are published, maybe you’ll like me and want to buy one. I hate sales. I hate marketing, but I have to do it if you are to hear about what I’m writing or where I’m speaking. Or maybe as an author you peek in on my journey for encouragement for your own.

But I’m just a girl trying to follow Jesus and do what He’s called me to do. I have experiences in ministry, dealing with health issues, a special needs child, writing and editing, depression.

See. I struggle with life just like you do. And I’m no expert on anything. Jack of many trades – master of none.

Maybe because in reality, no on is a master except Christ.

And ultimately He is the only one I need to  hear me. The best I can do is encourage you to keep seeking Him and not always look to the web for your answers and inspiration. I know that’s an area I need to grow in myself.

How about you? How do you feel about blogging? Do you have some favorites?


9 thoughts on “Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. I know. There are so many bloggers out there it feels like white noise. I do enjoy a few blogs, one an encouragement blog for women my friend Donna has been doing for 10 years (Quiet Life) my friend Lori’s ‘Poetry Patio’ and ‘A Robert Brault Reader’ which has pithy sayings and quotes. I’m getting to know a few others who have followed my own blog and are well-written. And of course SillyGoos.If God calls us to write I guess we better write, and see what He chooses to do with our words. Blessings to you in your honesty!


    • “I guess we better write, and see what HE chooses to do with our words”
      Absolutely correct! BLessings to you, Anita and thrlled for your booking coming out Wed, January 22nd! TWO DAYS! Squeeee!


  2. Curiously enough, I started my blog for some of the same reasons. Also, I use it as a tool to hold me accountable to my own consistent writing. But I’ve had readers email me with BIG questions about life and I’ve had people message me about their own desire to write. I don’t know if if will help people decide to buy my book in March or not. I am just plodding along and doing my best. Trusting God with all of this.
    Rebecca Waters
    Breathing on Her Own, to be released in March


    • Thanks for stopping buy, Rebecca! Congratulations on your book coming out! How exciting! It sounds like God is taking advantage of using that trust if people are emailing you. After all, we touch hearts one at a time. Blessings! Susan


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