Secrets (Poem)

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Secrets dwell in the dark.
They crept up on her
Not from under the bed
Or out of a closet
But from her own heart.

Terrifying fears buried
Erupted to bloom
Explosions not of bright happy colors
But muddy cloudy ones
Filled with shadows from her mind.

Turning on the light was as frightening
As staying in the dark
Could reality be worse than the fear?
Would she survive the truth?
Did she have the courage?

She peeled back the lies
The ones that others have told her
Like cobwebs they stuck and clung
But she shook them off in disgust
Creepy spiders from the past

She stepped on them as they scattered
She squashed them one by one
As the view cleared she saw
Sunshine and flowers
And smelled the fresh cut grass.


4 thoughts on “Secrets (Poem)

    • You are sweet, Anita. I find that sometimes I am compelled to write in a way that scares me a little. More terrifying than writing it though is putting it out there for the world to see!

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