Cooper Comments replaces Spatzle Speaks

It is hard to write that the author of a blog post has passed away but Spatzle at the glorious age of 13 had dementia which caused a lot of anxiety for him. He passed away peacefully in his mother’s arms at the end of December 2022.

It seems appropriate that this announcement would come out today, which would have been his 14th birthday. He was an awesome dog and missed.

His brother, Cooper, will be taking his place in writing book reviews on this blog. Cooper is doing well being an only dog and enjoys snuggling mom and reading books with her although sometimes he wants belly rubs or to chase after a ball or red dot. We’ll work on getting him an appropriate author photo but for now you can meet our new sweet contributor to this blog. Cooper is a 10-yr-old Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu mix and also a rescue dog, a goofy boy who is a perfect fit for our family.

Stay tuned!


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