Cooper Comments: Operation: Reconnaissance (Book Review)

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I’m slacking. I admit it. I am living the life as an only dog and to be honest, with the beautiful summer weather I’m having fun making mom take me on walks. And then DeeDee Lake and her husband Seth came to visit and I fell in love with Seth. He wanted me to go to Colorado with him but I chose to stay with mom because they are moving ot Texas and I used to live there and didn’t want to go back.

So my mom and her friend DeeDee Lake wrote this book in their Rules of Engagement military romance series called Operation: Reconnaissance. Now I have to say I loved this because Rusty, the main character, has a dog! Any book with a dog is aces in my mind. Lola is a sweet Sheba Inu and while she was merely in a supporting role, I thought she did great.

Now as for the story, Rusty falls head over heels for Jane who brings her son Mark who has Down Syndrome to visit Kobbe who was in the last book (Operation: Allegiance) for equine therapy. Whew, did you get all that?

Jane is a widow with some serious trust issues and what will she do with her son when she is deployed? Her friend Harley is no longer in the Army and lives too far away. Her parents and in-laws don’t understand this sweet boy. And Rusty? The man must be bonkers to want to help her.

Rusty to be honest does have some issues from a fall he took many years ago but while he’s an adventure guide and successful businessman who lives in his van, he does listen to God. When God tells him to marry Jane even though she doesn’t believe in God, he obeys.

But how can a romance work when they marry for convenience and in name only, and then are separated for many, many months?

Guess that’s where you’ll need to read the story to find out. The only thing I can tell you for sure is it does have a happy ending (all mom’s books do). Lots of challenges are faced on both sides but somehow love does prevail!

So go get this book and read it because book #4 (Operation: Skirmish) releases in November! And mom said something about really wanting people to write short reviews on Amazon. But only if you like the book.

I’ll give it five tennis balls! Mostly because of Lola but also because I love Seth, and my mom. So help them out, buy the book, write a review and tell others about it!

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