Cooper Comments: Finnian’s Rescue (Book Review)

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My mom has a lot of stuff happening this month including her third stand-alone romantic suspense: Finnian’s Rescue. This one take place in Wisconsin in the Holy Land.

Finnian is has returned from being held in captivity for a long time. Much like Rip van Winkle he discovers that the world has moved on and some of the changes are harder than others. His father died and his fiance up and married someone else.

When he meets Piper he’s intrigued. She understands the challenges he faces better than anyone else and while some consider him a traitor, she calls him a hero.

Piper likes the cute soldier but doesn’t feel to secure and doubts a man like him could really like her. When both their lives are in danger who else would they cling to?

There are so may twists and turns in this book you have to keep reading it to find out just why Finnian and Piper are under attack and how they will resolve it.

As a dog, I’m disappointed again that there is no dog in this book but since mom gives me treats I’ll give her grace on this. It is a fascinating read and I highly recommend it and give it five tennis balls because they are my favorite.

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