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Writer Wednesday: Barb E. Haley

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I would love you to welcome Barb E. Haley to my blog today! Years ago I met Barb at the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference in Estes Park, CO. As the years went by she wrote a book and I looked it over and wanted to publish it as an editor but the publishing house I was contracting for wasn’t interested. By the time I got to another publishing house she was on her way without me. I couldn’t be prouder!

When did you decide you would be an author? Was it something you fell into, felt called to…?

I loved to write stories as a child. My dad would bring home used keypunch cards and I’d tie them together with yarn to make books. With five siblings, space was valuable in our home. My dad took the shelves out of a hall closet and made me my own little office with a desk and a lamp. In 1997, we moved to Texas where I first got the bug to write kids’ books, devotionals, and novels.  The more I studied craft books, the more I loved the writing process!

What’s your pet peeve?

As a retired elementary teacher, I’ve have always been bothered when parents enroll their kids in all kinds of athletic and social activities but do not ensure that they spend time reading. Many of my students who struggled with reading comprehension fell into this category.

What was your most embarrassing moment as a writer?

I was getting ready for breakfast on the first day of a conference. My friend called to tell me she’d gotten a seat for the two of us with the very editor I wanted to speak to. I finished dressing and flew downstairs to the restaurant. Only after breakfast, when I returned to my room, did I realize I never dried or curled my hair after my shower. Oh, my. My friends tried to convince me my short hair looked “punky” and cool.

What has been your most difficult challenge as an author?

My most difficult challenge is plotting. I know all about the three-act structure, but it’s tough to know how much to plan for each act. Most of the time, I plan way too much and need to cut back. What seems funny to me is that plotting/creating is also my favorite part of the process.

How do you process rejections and/or negative reviews?

I guess I can include edits with lots of red marks. These challenge me to move forward. Like eating chicken, I swallow the meat and spit out the bones. Bottom line … I love to learn!

What do you feel is the best success so far in your writing career?

I believe my first novel, BIZ On the GO, is my best writing so far. So many reviewers marveled at the true-to-life characters and humor in the book. Nancy Rue, best-selling author of more than 125 books, said, “Few authors can combine humor, faith, and depth of emotion the way Barb Haley does. You will either see yourself in Biz—or wish she lived next door. Both Biz and Barb give us permission to embrace God’s love and be the women we were made to be.”

What is your current work in process?

I just released my second novel, Takin’ Care of BIZ-ness and am working on the third book in the series.


Barbara E. Haley lives in San Antonio, Texas. She enjoys retirement—sleeping late, spending time with her awesome grandkids, and writing at IHOP where she is treated like a queen!

Website: http://www.barbarahaleybooks.com