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The Extravagant Fool (Book Review)

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the-extravagant-fool-a-faith-journey-that-begins-where-common-sense-endsI have followed Kevin Adams on his blog http://www.wakeupmyfaith.com for several years. When he contacted me to read his book. I jumped at the chance. The Extravagant Fool: A Faith Journey That Begins Where Common Sense Ends was everything and more that my soul needed to hear.

Kevin had it all and in this book he chronicles his drop from the heights of worldly prosperity to the depths where he and his family wondered month to month if they would end up homeless. He was also dropped to his knees in the process. He had lived by the wisdom of Scripture and common sense and where had it brought him? Maybe he didn’t really understand the crux of the Christian faith at all.

Absolute faith became the bywords for the way he and his wife chose to live in the midst of the depths of their struggle while well-intended Christians abounded to tell him to work harder. The fact is, he had tried that. He gave up stopping the striving and instead rested entirely on God for his provision. Radical. Scary. Heart-rippingly revealing of his inner character and the previous shallowness of his sincere faith.  

Kevin discovered along the way a deeper understanding of the faithfulness and goodness of God and how when one is desperately needy, God is all he really needs. Even in most Christian circles he would be deemed a fool. While this book is primarily a journey of faith, I believe it is also a journey of sanctification and purification. Kevin and his wife, and their children will be forever changed by their adherence to a counter-cultural faith. I suspect any who read the book will be too.

I was given an advance copy of this book to read. That was in ebook format. I eagerly anticipate the May 6th release date when I can order a paperback copy to highlight with all of Kevin’s insightful words. God may have taken away wealth, but gave Kevin a gift to bless us all with the words of this book. The book is available for preorder.

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