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Cooper Comments: Moonlight and Mystery (Book Review)

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Karen Malley has a new book out and you need to hear about it! It’s part of a romance series Chester County Couples. Moonlight and Mystery is the title and trust me, it’s a book you won’t want to put down. You’ll be eager for the rest of the series I suspect and she has free novella available as a prequel!

Beth Tarrington is living a good life. She’s engaged to a handsome man with a fabulous career. She’s driving a really nice car and lives in a sweet condo. She works doing something she loves and her last name is so prominent it opens doors. And yet, she’s not happy. Sneaking peanut butter is a comfort and life take on a new zing when she tries out and gets cast in a community theater.

When she finally wakes up to the privelged bubble she’s living in, she decides it’s time to stand up for what she wants, a decision that has dramatic consequences for her. Can God help her through the tough choices she has to make as a result?

When Jason Brooks meets Beth there is an instant attraction, but she’s engaged so he knows he needs to run the other way. Getting cast in the play, opposite her, creates sparks no one can ignore even though Jason and Beth both try.

You have to read the book to go on this adventure with Beth and Jason as well as the characters they act out in the play! Ms. Malley does an amazing job weaving it all together.

This is an awesome read and I hope you’ll get it, and sit, and read, and snuggle a dog like my mom does with me when she’s reading a good book. I’ll give it five squeaky tennis balls because other than snuggling, chasing them is my favorite thing. Oh, and bacon. I really like bacon…and oranges…and steak.

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