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Power of Attorney (4 of 4) Short Story Romance

A few minutes later, after simple vows, Allyssa wore a sparkling sapphire and diamond ring on her left hand and bent over to kiss her husband as the police barged into the room.

“Allyssa Reid? You are under arrest for the kidnapping of Calvin Forte.”

Calvin cleared his throat. “Since I am Calvin Forte and Allyssa Reid is now Mrs. Allyssa Forte, I’m wondering on what grounds you base your warrant.”

The officer looked around the room and the pastor showed him the marriage license. “I don’t know what is going on here but I have my orders. If you would come with me Miss Reid.”

“That would be Mrs. Forte. One moment, please. I would like to give my husband a kiss before I go.”

Calvin wrapped his arm around her and kissed her. He whispered in her ear. “I love you, Ally. Trust me. We’ll get you out. These charges are preposterous.”

Allyssa went to stand by the officer who read her her rights and slapped handcuffs on her. Cal watched, helpless, as she winced. His wife had gone through much to protect him. Now it would be his turn. He looked at Drew. “Get to it. I want my wife back.”

The room emptied and Calvin was alone.

It was now his turn to shed tears as he prayed. God, please bring her back to me.

* * *

Allyssa walked the hallway surrounded by police. They sure sent an army. Did they really think was that dangerous?

She was married now. Some wedding day. She had signed up for none of this. If only she hadn’t loved Cal. She could have worked and rarely visited. His family would have still caused her problems and she would have lost her job and home.

Then it hit her. She wasn’t homeless anymore. She had never even visited Cal’s home. She had refused to even have him enter hers to avoid any appearance of evil and the temptation he provided. Kisses she had allowed. And holding hands. But that was it. She wanted to go to her marriage bed pure.

Well, she was married and pure and would spend a night on a cot in jail if Cal’s attorney couldn’t get her out.

Flashbulbs went off, blinding her, as she was dragged out of the squad car and into the station. Cal’s mother and father were there to point fingers. They yelled and with squinted eyes and red faces, tossed insults at her. Allyssa walked in a fog. The sounds were muffled and images around her distorted. Darkness descended.

When she opened her eyes she was on the ground and the world tilted. She couldn’t hold back the empty contents of her stomach and retched all over the polished boots of the officer closest to her. He yelled and kicked her. She was dragged back to her feet and her face roughly wiped off. She thought they took her picture. She was fingerprinted and thrown into a cell where she collapsed onto the cot and massaged her sore wrists.

* * *

Cal answered the phone. “Hey, Drew. What’s the news?”

“She passed out and threw up. They won’t let a doctor in to see her. Bail hasn’t been set yet.”

“Is she allowed visitors?”

“Not at this time. As her attorney though, I will try to get in. You should also know you parents were here and the press. It was ugly, Cal.”

“I need to get there.”

“What do you think you could do?”

“I don’t know. Has a judge been assigned the case?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Then we will take our battle to the press. I’ll be there soon.”

* * *

Calvin was in a wheelchair and promised to be back in a few hours as the doctor begrudgingly gave him leave to visit his wife in jail. The bodyguards flanked him and when they arrived at the justice department the media were still present. Moby pushed the wheelchair and the camera’s flashed as one by one microphones were thrust in his face. He asked Moby to turn him to face the crowd and asked for help to stand. Leaning on his bodyguard he faced the media.

“My wife has been falsely accused and arrested on trumped up charges by my family. She has kept guard and cared for me after a traumatic accident. She is ill and denied care right now. Please pray that we can resolve this quickly and justice may be done against the people who have instigated this crime.”

Shouts and flashes went off but Calvin resumed his seat and Moby pushed him into the police station.

His parents were there as was Drew. He motioned his friend over while the bodyguards kept his family at bay.

“Any chance we can sue them for slander?”

“I’ll start the paperwork. What do you want to happen now?”

“I want to see my wife.”

Drew smiled and whispered in Cal’s ear. “Maybe you should say that really loud.”

Cal nodded as his attorney stepped back. “I demand to see my wife. She has been arrested on the basis of lies and deceit.”

Cal’s mother was being held back by one of his guards. “Cal! Where have you been? You don’t have a wife.”

“Mrs. Allyssa Forte is most definitely my wife and I want to see her. I hear she has been treated ill.”

A deputy came forward and ushered Cal and his attorney to a separate room.

“Mr. Forte. I believe there has been some misunderstanding. Your wife was arrested on charges of kidnapping and extortion.”

“Really? The reality is I kidnapped and extorted her. I demand she be released and if you must arrest anyone, it should be me.”

“Explain yourself, sir.”

“I was in an accident and she was my power of attorney. To provide care for me when I was unable to. She lost her job and her home. She never took a dime of my money when she had the chance. She did everything and more that I asked her to do. She is blameless in this farce. I demand to see a judge on this immediately.”

The meeting with the judge was private between the judge, District Attorney, Cal and Drew. An ambulance was called retrieve the ailing Allyssa. A cease and desist letter was delivered to Cal’s parents by Drew as Cal slipped out the back with his bride to return to the hospital.

* * *

Alyssa awoke in a bed with monitors attached and a pounding head. She groaned.

“Ah, my bride returns to me.” Cal whispered.

Alyssa turned her head and the thud, thud, thud of blood pulsing in her ears momentarily intensified. She blinked at the handsome man next to her. “What happened?”

“We married. You were arrested. You grew ill and I came to rescue you.”

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Beyond an apparent migraine, dehydration and exhaustion? Nothing. You are beautiful and I look forward to taking my bride home with me.”

Allyssa smiled. “How did I get someone so good looking and who always helps me see the bright side of things even when I am so hopeless.”

“You are not hopeless, Ally, you are tenacious, courageous and sacrificial in your love and faith. Someday maybe my parents will recognize that.”

Ally groaned, “Your parents hate me.”

“Right now I think they hate me more. I sued them for slander.”

“Lovely. That will make the holidays so much fun.” Allyssa blinked. “Could you close the blinds, the light hurts my eyes.”

Someone else moved to accommodate her.

“Thanks, Moby.” Cal said as he traced a heart with his thumb on the back of her hand.

“I have nothing, Calvin. I lost it all.”

“You have everything. My name, my love, my home, my riches and my undying gratitude. I need to warn you too, you have become a news item. The villain turned heroine. You have lost your anonymity.”

“I didn’t really expect I could keep that given all that happened.”

“It won’t be too bad after the initial rush wears off with the public.”

“Are you such hot stuff that it matters to others so much?”

“No. It only matters that you love me.”

“So kiss me already and let me sleep.”

“Will do.” He reached over the side of the bed, balancing on one good leg, and kissed her.

Ally had sweet dreams the rest of the night.

  * * *

Cal smiled at his bride as they entered the limo after being discharged from the hospital. They would finally go home as husband and wife. He could hardly wait. Drew slipped into the back and took the seat facing them. Cal tilted his head and frowned. Seriously? Didn’t his friend realize Cal just wanted to be alone with his wife?

“I have news.”

Cal sighed and Ally gave him a grin and squeezed his hand. “Spill it.”

“Your parents, now understanding you had an accident, are seeking to declare you incompetent.”

Cal laughed. “Let them try. They don’t know who my power of attorney is, do they?”

Drew shook his head.

Ally leaned her head on his shoulder. “The doctor already signed papers declaring your competency and copies are in my bag. I have it documented by three professionals: your doctor, the psychiatrist and the neurologist.”

Drew raised an eyebrow. “You anticipated this?”

She shook her head. “I thought they would try to annul the marriage stating he wasn’t competent to make that choice, not that they would try to take over his company.”

Cal wrapped his arm around her and drew her closer. “I think I married a wise woman.” He planted a kiss on her lips and was lost in the moment until he heard a throat clear. He had totally forgotten his friend was there. He settled back and glanced at Drew who winked at him.

“I think you chose your wife well, Cal.” The car stopped, dropping Drew off and continued on to Cal’s condo.

Allyssa turned to him and placing her soft hands on either side of his face she whispered, “At last, we are alone.” She kissed him and Calvin once again thanked God for not only bringing her into his life but that his power of attorney was also now his beloved bride. Because of her, he had the rest of his life to show her how grateful he was.

The end  . . . thanks for reading! 


Power of Attorney (3 of 4) Short Story Romance

Calvin couldn’t fight his concern for his fiancée. He had waited long enough to make her his. He dialed his attorney and friend, Drew Coomes.


“Yeah, hey, I need to talk to you about Allyssa.”

“Great gal. You picked well when you made her your POA. I take back all the mean things I said about her.”

Cal smiled. “Thanks. I’m glad you approve. She’s getting cold feet. Said she’s taking advantage of me by marrying me. Any idea why?”

Silence hung in the air. “I don’t think it’s my place to tell you.”

“Do you trust her, Drew? Do I need to be worried?”

“I do trust her and I don’t think there’s a reason to worry. Listen, I know what happened to her, Cal, when she took you on after the accident.”


“She lost everything. Her job. Her apartment. She’s homeless and out of work. She didn’t, and wouldn’t, take a penny of your money to support herself while she cared for you. I told her she could and tried to insist on it. The gal has a stubborn streak a mile long.”

“Can we fix this? Can we get her apartment back and her job for her?”

“Are you asking me to do this or being hypothetical.”

“I’m asking you to do this. If you can.”

“Allyssa will be so ticked she may walk away again. And if she gets her job back, she won’t be by your side. Is that what you want?”

“No. I want her here. I need her.”

“She’s good for you.”

“I’m glad you finally see it.”

“Something else to be aware of Cal. Your family is making waves. We’ve tried to stave them off. They’ve slandered Ally to the press even. The police have kept things private and the hospital has been great in protecting you as have your staff and bodyguards. They are going after her and have filed charges.”

“So I need to come clean to protect her.”

“I’m sorry. It’s a danger to her either way. Either she is sued or your family comes to make your life more painful to you than her. Are you well enough to draw their fire?”

“Get me those marriage certificates.”

“What are you thinking?”

“Trust me on this? Draw up those papers we talked about a month ago.”

“They were done. Are you serious?”

“Allyssa saved my life and took nothing for herself. Yes. I’m serious. Make it happen Drew.”

“I will.”

“Oh, and Drew?”


“Be my best man, will you?”

If a smile could be heard over the phone, Cal heard it in his friend’s voice. “I would be honored.”

* * *

Allyssa had tried to go back to work early on shortly after her leave of absence. She was let go after two days due to the constant barrage of phone calls from Cal’s family. She thought they probably put an investigator on her too. She drove weird and crazy to throw off the tail she thought they had on her. She switched her cell phone so they couldn’t track her, trading in the previous one and changed her number so the harassment calls would stop. She was worried. Her checking account was getting low and there wasn’t much in her savings. Just paying for parking at the hospital was sucking up more money than she had bargained for.

The newspapers had her face plastered on them with all kinds of accusations. She couldn’t get another job. She spent her days looking for work while her evenings were spent by Cal’s bedside, keeping him company but mostly watching him sleep after the exhaustion of therapy he would undergo.

* * *

Cal noticed her exhaustion. He knew she was trying to protect him from the harsh reality she dealt with. He was due to be discharged in a few days. Where would she go if she were not his wife? He wanted her by his side. He needed her to keep his family at bay and he winced at the thought of all that he had already cost her.

Drew had been faithful to his word. He showed up with their pastor and Allyssa’s best friend, Sarah.

Allyssa had walked in to find them all there. He thought she looked adorable in her t-shirt, blue jeans and sandals.

She looked at him and everyone else as she stood in the doorway. “What’s going on?”

Cal held out his hand and she crept forward before placing hers in his. “Will you marry me, Allyssa?”

“I don’t know if I can, Cal. It’s not that I don’t want to.” She wiped away a tear and Sarah came to put her arm around her friend and led her to sit in an overstuffed chair. Sarah crouched down beside her.

“I think you need to listen to what Drew has to say.”

The attorney outlined the provisions Cal had made for Allyssa. “You have a choice. You can take this. It’s yours. You don’t have to sign anything. Consider it compensation for your caregiving if you want. Or, you can marry him and have the protection of his name as well as all his material goods.”

“I don’t care about the money. I would take Cal if he were poor.”

“Without you, all I own is nothing.” Cal whispered as he grabbed for her hand.

Cal watched as his beloved’s forehead furrowed and she tilted her head to one side.

“I don’t understand.” Allyssa shook her head.

Cal cleared his throat. “Allyssa, please, marry me. I want you. I need you. I love you.”

She bent her head and he saw her shoulders shake.

“Besides. I’m about to go home soon. I need you to care for me but can’t have you stay with me without being your husband. So please, marry me?”

     * * *

A storm brewed in Allyssa’s soul. God, what am I to do here?

Moby, the bodyguard, knocked and entered. “I got warning from below. Police are here with a warrant to arrest Allyssa.”

Drew came to stand by her. “Come. Marriage to him will protect you. It might cause a firestorm of publicity and I can’t guarantee I can get you out of jail immediately, but Calvin will have all the rights to protect you from his family and these trumped up charges.”

Allyssa rose and came to stand by his side. She clasped his hand. “Pastor, let’s get this done.”

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Power of Attorney (2 of 4) Short Story Romance

Day by day I sat by Cal’s bedside. I would answer his phone and direct people to his secretary, Carol, who helped me keep his status a secret. The hardest was when his mother would call. She was offended that I would dare answer her son’s phone and not let him talk to her. The polite veneer slid from her frosty tongue.

“I don’t know who you think you are and how you have bewitched my son, but know this, Miss Reid, I can destroy you. Do not hesitate to think I won’t. If Cal doesn’t return my call, I’ll be calling the police to report you have kidnapped him.”

The click in my ear signaled doom. I called Mr. Coomes to inform him and let the machine behind Calvin’s company work to protect its owner while he healed.

I shed tears. I never wanted to come between Calvin and his family. I had lost mine and had only close friends and my church. Family was precious and not to be despised, yet Cal had to fight to be his own man in his and forge his own path in spite of the resistance they gave and the greedy demands they made. I had admired him all the more for his strength in being who he believed God had called him to be.

Right now, I missed Calvin more than I ever thought I would, even though he was resting beside me, fighting to live. My love for him had never died but now my desire to protect him from his family’s demands, strengthened my resolve to do what he had asked, regardless of the cost to me. I might have lost my home and my job. I wouldn’t lose him too.

“Cal, please come back to me. I miss you and your little gifts. I love you and if you can get better, and still want me, I will marry you.”

“Don’t make promises you won’t keep,” a soft raspy whisper came from the bed.

I looked to see his eyes were open, gazing at me. “Cal?”

“Last time I checked. Ally, what happened? Everything hurts.”

“You were hit by a car. I’ve been here since they called. I have kept your family away as you wished.”

“I knew I could count on you. Did you go shopping?”

“Why would I do that at a time like this? You know I hate shopping.”

“No retail therapy for you, huh?”

I shook my head.

“I knew I could trust you. So about that marriage. When?”

“Whenever you want. I cannot imagine my life without you in it.”

“Me either. As soon as I get out of here we’ll take care of that, but for now I think a kiss would be the best medicine.”

I grinned. “I happen to have one with your name on it.” I leaned over and our lips met in a tender liplock. I pulled back and looked down at him. “Do you have any problems with getting married in the hospital if I can get the paperwork figured out?”

“That eager, huh?”

I picked up the little kitty, nodded its head and purred. He grinned and drifted back to sleep. The attorney helped me get the license and our pastor was willing to come and meet with us several times for counseling. We wanted to do this right. The meetings were hard on Cal. He was tired with trying to recover.

The doctor sat me down a few weeks later.

“Allyssa, we do not know the full extent of his brain injury yet. Are you sure you want to take this step?”

“Is he competent to make his own decisions now? Would you deem him mentally capable of that?”

The doctor frowned but nodded. “He is competent.”

“Then I am not taking advantage of the Power of Attorney to gain access to anything.”

“I wasn’t hinting that you were doing anything improper with regards to that. My concern is that sometimes brain injuries can have a negative impact on emotional functioning. Lower frustration tolerance. Increased anger. We don’t know yet how he will be as he heals. It is too soon to know that.”

“He has all his body functions, and his bones are healing. When a person marries it is for ‘in sickness and in health’, isn’t it?”

He nodded. “I wanted you to go in with your eyes wide open. You are not getting the fairy tale wedding or life that women want.”

“His family hates me. I know that this path will be fraught with struggle. I almost lost him, Doctor. I don’t know that I can walk away and pretend I never loved him. I tried that once.”

He sighed and nodded his head. “May God be with you both. It sounds like even if his brain heals completely, your real battles exist elsewhere.”

I fought the tears until I could get to my cot in the room I had occupied as his guardian. He really didn’t need me here anymore though. Was I marrying him to avoid my problems?

“Allyssa?” Cal called from the other room.

I wiped my tears and blew my nose. He probably heard me. Whatever problems he might have, his hearing was sharp. I fluffed my hair and walked to the other room and stood by his side. I couldn’t hide my distress.

“Why are you sad? Shouldn’t a bride be happy?”

“I’m not sure wedding quickly is wise.”

He scowled. “Why not?”

“Maybe I’m taking advantage of you?”

“How could that be? You’ve been here, caring for me. You’ve not spent my money on yourself when you could have.”

The tears came unchecked.

“Allyssa. What happened? Something happened.”

“It doesn’t matter. You do not need my troubles heaped on you as you heal. I think it is best to wait. Your family . . .”

“If my family loved me like they proclaim, they would want me happy. You make me happy, Ally.”

“I can’t be the one to come between you and them. They already accused me of kidnapping you.”

Calvin laughed and winced. “Ow, my ribs.” He took a few slow breaths before speaking again. “I give you full permission to kidnap me any time you like. But it’s not kidnapping then is it? Did you ask for ransom?”

“This isn’t funny Calvin. I don’t want to take advantage of you and I’m in a position to be accused of that.”

“Why would you be? You have your own home and job and are financially responsible. You don’t need me to rescue you from poverty.”

I couldn’t speak. I sunk to the chair by his side.


I rose and left the room to cry on the hospital bed there.


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Power of Attorney (1 of 4) Short Story Romance

My friend Sarah rushed into the break room with a note. “You need to return this call right away, Allyssa. There is some kind of emergency.”

I took the paper and dialed my cell. “Hello? This is Allyssa Reid, someone called for me?”

“Yes, I am calling to inform you that Cal Forte was in an accident and you are his designated power of attorney. We need you to come to the hospital right away.”

“When did this happen?”

“Two days ago. It took a while before we were able to locate you.”

I gave a hasty explanation to my boss, clocked out and rushed over.

Two weeks ago I had been resolute. I would not see Calvin again. I loved him. I just couldn’t bring myself to commit. I know. Isn’t that usually the man’s issue?

Cal hadn’t accepted his conge but had persevered with grace. There had been a surprise every day. Something little, sweet and thoughtful. Two days ago it had been my favorite Frappuccino. Before that there had been sweet notes, or a single flower, or my favorite candy. Every day something reminded me of how well he knew me and had paid attention.

It had stopped abruptly two days ago. Now I knew why. My mind raced through all kinds of scenarios of why my help was needed and it always kept coming back to the same question. Why me? Why would Cal make me his POA?

I arrived and Cal’s attorney, Mr. Coomes, sat me down in a small room and handed me an envelope. “This came with the POA papers. You should read it before we talk about the decisions that have to be made.” He left. I glanced at the envelope and tapped it on the table. The trembling in my body led me to rip it open, earning myself a paper cut in the process. I sucked on my finger as I unfolded the handwritten letter.

Dear Ally,

If you are reading this, that means something has happened to me. I knew from the first date that you were the only one I could entrust my life and finances to. You were never impressed with any of the flash of my family. Please don’t let them make the decisions and keep any news about what happened from the press and my family for as long as you are able. My secretary and bodyguards will assist you as will Drew. Just make the next best choice for me with regards to any treatment. And please be there. I love you and my heart will know your voice. You may be the best medicine that the world could offer.

If I haven’t made you my wife yet, I’m sorry to have thrust this on you. Please get me well so I can rectify that.

My heart is forever yours, Cal

I glanced at the documents in the folder in front of me. He signed them one day after our first date. Who did that kind of thing?

A crazy man.

I met with the doctor and then was allowed to see Cal. Any barriers that I had erected around my heart tumbled down the minute I saw his bruised and battered face. He was still handsome to me. A nurse handed me a bag of his belongings. Shoes, clothes, wallet and . . . a small stuffed kitten. It was a pretty blue with a pink tail and ears. They told me he had been struck by a car half a block from where I work.

He had been coming to deliver a gift for me.

“I am the most selfish of creatures,” I whispered as I read the brief little note with the animal. I hugged it tight. I had always wanted a cat but was allergic to them. He had remembered. Even if he couldn’t have me, he had wooed me by giving me things I liked and wanted.

And now? Now he might die.

A few days later, the doctors backed off on the medications to bring him out of a drug-induced coma to assess the extent of the damage to his brain. What if he didn’t want me anymore? He didn’t need me. He was wealthy enough to hire people to help him through whatever was ahead. I had been the one to walk away. Why would he trust me to do this?

We had dated eight intense months. He started talking about marriage and I got scared. He was wealthy, a sought after bachelor and media darling. I didn’t fit in to his world. His family despised and ridiculed me. All under a veneer of politeness, yet their words had cut deep. I struggled paycheck to paycheck, but I had my degree and I managed. Barely.

And for some reason, Cal trusted me with his health and riches.

I stayed at the hospital with him for two weeks, rarely leaving his side.

My boss tried to be understanding, but someone had to do my job. I was on a leave of absence now after using up all my vacation. That meant there would be no more paycheck. I didn’t have much savings. I had packed my meager belongings into my small coupe and tendered my notice on my apartment. A friend stored my furniture in their garage for the time being. I became homeless but hoped it would be temporary. I would have my security deposit back soon and that would tide me over for a short time. I wasn’t home anyway. I almost lived at the hospital in a room adjoined to the private suite Cal was in.

If I had known sitting in a hospital could help me lose weight I might have tried it sooner.

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