Fact or Fiction?: Cherie: A Forgettable Tale

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“Have you found it yet, Mommy?”

“No, I haven’t” said Cherie in frustration.

“Do you remember where you last had it?”

“If I did remember, I would not be having a problem, or asked you to help me search.”

“But Mommy,” asked the precocious six year old, “how did you lose it in the first place?”

“Again, I do not remember, Dear.”

“But, you remember me and Daddy, right?”


“And you remember your friends?”


“So what is it you have forgotten?”

“Everything else.”


“Okay, I forget birthdays and to pick up milk at the grocery store. Things like that.”

“But you never forget to pick me up.”


“So why is it important to find. You seem okay to me.”

“Because I used to remember everything, and I can’t anymore! I desperately need to find my memory!”

“Maybe you are trying to stuff too much stuff into your head,” giggled the little girl.

Cherie smiled, “Maybe so.”

“But Momma, you never forget the really important stuff.”

“Tell me that when you are missing your snack in tomorrow’s lunch. I seem to have forgotten your yogurt!”

“Oh, Mom! I love you anyway – don’t forget that!”

“I won’t, Honey. I won’t.  Cherie bent down to give her daughter a hug, totally forgetting what she had been looking for.

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