To Honor and Trust (Book Review)

honor and trust coverThe latest historical romance by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller, To Honor and Trust, is a sweet story. Callie works as a governess for a family which puts her in an awkward situation. Not quite a servant and not quite family, but often treated as such, she struggles to seek God’s will for her future. Marriage is not on her list of possibilities after being spurned by her previous fiancé.

Thomas is part of a wealthy family and struggling with his own future as he avoids the machinations of his father and brother to embroil them in the family business, the one things that definitely not on his agenda of future possibilities.

As the two meet on Bridal Island and interact, Thomas doesn’t realize the social upbringing of Callie is similar to his own and Callie doesn’t understand that the golf pro she has come to admire, is actually a man who is wealthy.

When the truth is discovered, Callie is distraught. After all, Thomas has lied to her. A strange accident and a mysterious series of crimes culminate to throw the two together or tear them apart forever. No spoiler here – the cover kind of gives away the ending.

I enjoyed the story and characters but felt the ending went on too long. It almost felt like the start of another story that then leaves one hanging. But that’s just my opinion. In spite of that it was a fun book to read.


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