Life on God’s “D” List

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This was originally published in 2010…

Many years ago, a dear friend had emailed me about being depressed. Today, here in Wisconsin it is dark and stormy. Many of us go through storms of life that do leave us feeling: dark, down, depressed, defeated, deflated, discouraged, disabled. I shot the below “D” list to my friend then and ironically she has shot it back to me over the years and I have saved it because sometimes we all need some encouragement. So if you are in a dark place, if life is tough and the “D” words (kind of like Kathy Griffith’s “Life on the ‘D’ List”) have got you down – then take a look at life through GOD’s ‘D’ list instead:

Delightful – He lights up our lives!

Delectable & Delicious – Savor the sweetness of God!

Daring and Dangerous – Isn’t He just? And sometimes He calls us to be as well.

Dancing – In the arms of God! More fun than Dancing with the Stars!

Darling – That’s how He sees You!

Determined – To overcome Satan, we have that power through His Holy Spirit!

Demanding -We have a right to come before His throne with our requests!

Daddy – We can call Him this! Abba, Father!

Daughter – That’s who you are to Him! – If you are a woman.  Sorry guys – you’ll have to wait for an “S” list!

Delirious – How we should be in love with Him!

Discipline -He does this because He loves us!

Deep – How the Bible describes His love for us!

Done – Our salvation in Christ.  What a relief!

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