If the Shoe Fits (Book Review)

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What if a woman, let’s call her Julianne, had all the shoes she needed, and her Prince Charming was right under her nose? In If the Shoe Fits you have a clever modern adaptation of this fairy tale by author Sandra Bricker.

Julianne is If the shoe fitsdreamy and while working as an attorney hopes for God to reveal to her the man who will be her Prince Charming. As childhood friends and now attorneys in practice together, Julianne is still chasing after a fantasy as Will pines away for her right under her nose.

As Julianne mistakenly pursues the man she believes God has dropped into her path via a toolbox, a work boot and a dog, Will struggles to be supportive. Unrequited love is a hard cross to bear and when you work with someone, it can be even harder.

But is this man she thinks is Mr. Right, really all that in to her? Do looks equal soul mate? As Julianne pursues her perfect mate, Will struggles with whether he can stay to watch her fall in love with someone other than him. As the situation escalates and decisions are made, will Julianne ever realize that her Prince Charming is the man in the office across from hers? The one who has been there all along?

This is a sweet and sometimes funny story told in classic Sandra Bricker style. I will admit at some points I wanted to shake Julianne for being so delusionally dense and commiserate with poor Will. But the ending was worth it.

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