From the Start (Book Review)

from the startMelissa Tagg has scored a field goal with her newest offering, From the Start.

Kate Walker may write romantic screenplays but a broken heart in her past leads her to believe that happily-ever-after is a dream she’ll never achieve. When her career hits the skids she runs back to her hometown of Maple Valley to help out with the aftermath of a tornado.

Colton Greene managed to sideline his own rising star on the football field with one disasterous play leaving him physically unable to return to the game that made him a star. He’s haunted by flashbacks he can’t understand as he tries to work with Kate to write his autobiography. Maple Valley becomes a safe place to heal and sort out his next steps in life.

Neither Kate or Colton were looking for love and direction for their lives and Maple Valley is the flash point for a budding friendship and romance. With starts and stops, working together and time apart, they realize the depth of their love. It’s happily-ever-after you’ll enjoy reading.


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