The “God Answered my Prayer” Conundrum

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Lots of things stew in my crazy brain. Much of it I’m sure you’d not want to read about. Complexities and backstory would bog down the fact that emotionally turmoil is festering underneath what many perceive to be a cheerful exterior.

One recent thing though has been cooking. I have a friend who has a book doing extremely well. She’s breaking all the “rules” for promotion and marketing. I love her to bits and I’m thrilled at her success.

No. Really. I am. She’s a dear sweet friend.

I asked her what she thinks is the secret to her success. Her response: “We’ve been praying.” She does. She prays. She has people who have prayed as she’s worked on her novel for over 10 years. Yes. You heard me. Ten years.

Here’s where the conundrum comes in. I pray too. I’ve had people pray for me as I write and struggle with life. My books haven’t sold as well although they get great reviews and I’ve done so many things to promote them. I’ve had people who I respect as authors, promise to read and promote my books who have failed to do so. I’ve done so for their great novels. Grrr. Frustrating to say the least. But God can take care of them.

God is doing 10000 thingsWhich leads to a variety of thoughts.

  • Does God not love me or my book as much as He loves my friend’s?
  • Success isn’t really about how many books I sell.
  • But I could really use the money sales could net for me due to challenging life circumstances (duh, like we all don’t face those?)

And then I scold myself.

  • It should be enough that I worked hard and my books are well-received and people have found their faith encouraged or challenged by reading them.
  • It should be enough that God has brought people into my life to minister to and encourage because I have written and published my novels.
  • It should be enough that God knows my heart and my needs. All of them. He’s got my future in the palm of His hands.

So why isn’t it enough? Why do I struggle?

The issue isn’t God.

It’s me.

I’m a fallible human who struggles with insecurities on so many levels.

I struggle with depression and anxiety.

I lack support from people who should be there for me but who had sought to sabotage me every step on my journey.

They failed.

Because: God.

God has gotten me to where I am. He has brought me through so many struggles and pain beyond what I could ever dare to share here.

And my writing isn’t a job. It’s a calling. I need to own that and realize that a calling doesn’t come with a windfall. It comes with a cost.

And a blessing.

But sometimes I fail to see that amidst the pain and struggle that sometimes visits my life.

So I’m grateful for my friend, her faith and our beautiful relationship. She is also called and God’s blessing on her work has no bearing on the way He is at work in my life.

Because we are all unique and God’s work in and through us is also unique.

How often I forget that when the “should’s” come knocking on my door.

How about you? Where have you struggled with the “should’s” in your own life?

2 thoughts on “The “God Answered my Prayer” Conundrum

  1. So poignant Susan, and so true. I hate that little niggling jealousy (I don’t know what else to call it) when I see other writers do so much better. Something to struggle with. As Aslan says in ‘A Horse and His Boy’—their story isn’t your story.
    I agree with you—In the kingdom of God, if your books can make the difference in even one marriage that will affect who knows how many generations, it is more successful than a million-copy seller.
    But hey. A workman is worthy of his hire, and your labors are worth compensation. Praying your books will reach the right people who are willing to pay for the privilege of reading what you’ve been called to do.
    Love your title, by the way. It’s something I’ve mulled over often. Thanks for insights. Good way to start the day.

    • Thanks, Anita, sometimes those struggles need to be brought out into the open – more to challenge and confront myself than anything else! Thank you for your prayers – and back atcha! I know the jealousy thing is real even as we rejoice in the success of others. One of the struggles is with authors whose work I’ve admired and who have done well, promising to give me a hand (or a review or a blog post) and then dropping the ball even after I’ve sent the a paperback copy of my book! (at my expense). I pray I never make promises like that to another author that I don’t keep.So I fight the jealousy – and the resentment. God is bigger than all that but how hard it is to see that when those ugly emotions get in the way. ((Hugs!))

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