Cooper Comments: Operation: Skirmish (Book Review)

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My mom, Susan M. Baganz and her dear friend DeeDee Lake have come out with book four of their Rules of Engagement military romance series called Operation: Skirmish.

Now this takes place mostly in Colorado, so where is the skirmish? This isn’t a military proceedural type of book but a romance featuring a military person as the main character and Eliza Torres, aka Tornado, is in for the fight of her life in many ways.

When she meets the handsome Kristos Sava, Eliza is living in a black hole of indecision about her future. Wounded overseas, she’s dealing with a physical disability and in denial about the post-traumatic stress that accompanies it. She’s not sure what she’ll do or where she’ll go when she’s medically discharged from the Army.

Then she spies Kristos and things begin to happen. Her roomate brings her to church, she’s being challenged to stop making excuses and take responsibity for her life. Eliza struggles to come to grips with God. She never needed Him before so why now? Then on top of all that, she decides to go on a mission trip with the church to Mexico.

Kristos is intrigued with Eliza but realizes she’s got issues and the biggest hurdle is her relationship with God. Besides, he’s not in a hurry to get a girlfriend. He has a stable filled with wonderful horses he adores and who adore him. But something about the pint sized soldier stirs him to pray for her. The more he gets to know her, especially on their misadventures in Mexico, the more he desires her.

Battles ensue on many levels and romance blooms. This is the fourth installment by Lake and Baganz and well worth reading.

I’m a dog so I have to say I’m disappointed that Eliza chose a parrot for her pet and not another dog to interact with Obadiah and Lola who have appeared more in other stories in the series. Maybe the authors will rectify that in future books. I hope there will be more anyway, they are wonderful stories. I’ll give this 5 tennis balls, because I’m a dog and they are my favorite.

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