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Cooper Comments: Falling for Forever (Book Review)

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It’s been a busy summer but Mom says I need write some more book reviews. Katherine Robles has a new book out called Falling for Forever which is part of a Romance in the Park series.

Falling for Forever book cover featuring a blonde gal embracing a forbidden dark haired man with a beautiful sunset and waves crashing on a rocky shoreline behind them.

This is a sweet romance with Hillary who is stuck in her job and not realizing her dream of moving to Washington D.C. where she hopes to make a splash.

She meets Javier at Great Falls National Park, except she believes he is engaged to the gorgeous girl with him.

Somehow they keep coming into contact and Hillary can’t stop her heart from wanting this forbidden man. When the truth is revealed she also learns some hard truths about herself that could keep her from a better dream than she’d ever considered before.

This is a truly sweet story with the misunderstandings of real life and the challenges faced with learning to mature as an adult, tackling real life problems. Throw in a dose of humility and courage and you have a romance that you’ll have a hard time putting down.

My mom really liked this book so I’ll give it five squeaky tennis balls because I’m a dog and that’s how I roll.