Th Chase and The Survivor (Book Reviews)

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I am new to the writing of seasoned author DiAnn Mills but am definitely a convert to her romantic suspense’s after reading The Chase and The Survivor.

the chaseIn the first book in the Crime Scene: Houston series, The Chase, Kariss Walker is an author who wants to write about a crime that had haunted her for years. She gains a favor from the FBI and manages to work with Special Agent Tigo Harris who is not too happy to be babysitting the annoying author, much less dig up a cold case that also gnawed at him. In the process of her research, they get the cold case reopened but the quest to find justice for the murdered child puts both their lives in danger.

survivorIn the second book, The Survivor, Kariss is recruited by a psychologist who was once brutally attacked and left for dead as a child. Dr. Amy Garrett wants her story told but suspects that doing so may flush out the murderer who accidently let her live when so many others died. Kariss had dated Tigo but had walked away from the relationship because of his lack of faith in Christ. They are drawn together as she diane millsonce again finds herself in the crossfire of a cold case turned hot.

I really enjoyed the action and attention to detail that DiAnn weaves into her stories. She obviously has done a lot of research and work with the FBI to be able to tell tales like this and that alone makes them fascinating.  They are filled with complexity and depth and rich characters and I fell in love with tough cop Tigo and too-stubborn-for-her-own-good, Kariss. I look forward to book number three. Please, DiAnn, say there will be one!

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