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I’m Probably on the FBI and TSA Watch-Lists and other Silliness

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Watch lists? FBI? TSA? Well, if I wasn’t before, I probably will be now!

Funny, isn’t it? Authors search all kinds of odd things. I had one story I worked on last year where I had to search on how to defuse a bomb. No intention of ever having to do it either and at this point in time I could not tell you which wires to snip in order to not be blown up. And no, my bomb didn’t have an on/off switch like in Sherlock (The Empty Hearse episode).

Last week I had a delicious breakfast with a friend. Three hours of talking about life, writing, funerals, autopsies, tissue donation and donating bodies for science to save money on burial. You know, the practical stuff of life. Oh, and how I need to ask some questions of a funeral director I know. Won’t that be fun?

I even submitted that bomb book to the FBI for fact checking purposes. See. I’m sure I’m on a watch list with them. The gal who emailed me really liked my story too and that was a really rough draft.

I’m cracking myself up because, well, it’s all true! Now you know why this is the silygoos blog.

Writers can be irreverant but they also are artists at heart who care deeply about the characters we create out of our imaginations. We feel the depth of their pain. So why they may not be real, their words and emotions are very much real in our minds.

That includes the passions of our villans as well.

But then, you want a good story to evoke emotion. Now personally, I avoid Nicholas Sparks because I don’t like crying at the end of every novel. To be honest, I only read three, but that was enough for me to know that he was not a happily-ever-after storyteller.

So if the FBI or TSA show up at my door, please point them to my blog so they know I would never blow anyone up, shoot them, plant a bomb or any of the other horrific deaths I’ve perpetrated on my imaginary villians. Not to mention the torture I’ve perpetrated on my main characters. I don’t even own a handgun or rifle, although if I did, I’ve been told I would be a crack shot. Better than a crack pot. Or would that be cracked pot?

Writers. We’re a despicable lot. Shocking at times, but also fun and hyper-sensitive about imaginary people.

A book is a wonderful friend and escape from the trials of this world. I hope you find many to read and enjoy. Stay tuned because I keep trying to share with you the new and upcoming great authors here, as well as some who have multi-published and become faves of mine.

Th Chase and The Survivor (Book Reviews)

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I am new to the writing of seasoned author DiAnn Mills but am definitely a convert to her romantic suspense’s after reading The Chase and The Survivor.

the chaseIn the first book in the Crime Scene: Houston series, The Chase, Kariss Walker is an author who wants to write about a crime that had haunted her for years. She gains a favor from the FBI and manages to work with Special Agent Tigo Harris who is not too happy to be babysitting the annoying author, much less dig up a cold case that also gnawed at him. In the process of her research, they get the cold case reopened but the quest to find justice for the murdered child puts both their lives in danger.

survivorIn the second book, The Survivor, Kariss is recruited by a psychologist who was once brutally attacked and left for dead as a child. Dr. Amy Garrett wants her story told but suspects that doing so may flush out the murderer who accidently let her live when so many others died. Kariss had dated Tigo but had walked away from the relationship because of his lack of faith in Christ. They are drawn together as she diane millsonce again finds herself in the crossfire of a cold case turned hot.

I really enjoyed the action and attention to detail that DiAnn weaves into her stories. She obviously has done a lot of research and work with the FBI to be able to tell tales like this and that alone makes them fascinating.  They are filled with complexity and depth and rich characters and I fell in love with tough cop Tigo and too-stubborn-for-her-own-good, Kariss. I look forward to book number three. Please, DiAnn, say there will be one!

Uncommon Heroes (Book Series Review)

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Normally I review one book – but this time I’m giving you the whole series, because hey, when you start a series it is beyond cool that you can read every single book because they have actually been written. No waiting around for the next installment! Dee Henderson’s Uncommon Hero’s Series is just that – a four book compilation of romance and suspense.

The difference between this series and The O’Malley Series is not only in the context of “heroes” but also that in this book, both the male and female protagonist are all believers in Christ – so the relationships start out with that firm foundation, something the O’Malley’s did not have on their side.

This series is a beautiful tribute to the men and women who serve, often without notice, and willingly risk their lives to preserve our freedoms.


True DevotionBook one is True Devotion. This book looks at the life of a Navy Seal, or more importantly, his widow who works as a lifeguard close to the Seal base of operations. Since her husband’s unexplained death Kelly Jacobs has leaned heavily on his best friend, Lieutenant Joe “Bear” Baker.

Joe, however, is harboring a few secrets and a lot of guilt. He knows Kelly’s husband, Nick, died saving Joe’s life. He also struggles to admit that he’s fallen in love with Kelly. That is until she nearly drowns and tells him that she loves him. Then the real adventure begins as they try to sort out their relationship as the enemy responsible for Nick’s death, returns and puts Kelly in danger. Can love survive the trials of SEAL life?

I loved watching the relationship struggled and each fought against the doubts and worries as well as their faith in the midst of the challenges they face. The action just keeps coming and Dee Henderson does a masterful job of giving details, enough to keep the action moving and not too much to bog you down.

True Valor


In True Valor, Major Bruce “Striker” Stanton is a parajumper who is not fond of the water. His only living relative is his sister, Jill, who is a civilian dating a Navy Seal, “Wolf” who works with Joe “Bear” Baker from book 1. Jill’s best friend is Wolf’s cousin, Lieutenant Grace “Gracie” Yates who is a fighter pilot with the Navy. After a near death experience, Striker writes her a letter. She gets it before her next deployment and they strike up a relationship by mail.

Gracie can’t see how a relationship can survive military separations but starts to fall in love with the man who writes her letters baring his heart and cracking open hers. When her plane goes down in enemy territory, it is Striker who rescues her and finds that he is in love. Now he just has to convince her to take a chance on him.

This was not a wishy-washy relationship, on and off type of thing, this is one that blooms over time, distance and real physical threats. I enjoyed the letter writing part of this which is a unique way to tell part of a story and reveal character’s hearts. Again, Dee Henderson gives lots of details about missions and planes and made me realize I would never want to be one of those people flying and trying to land on an aircraft carrier! I felt anxious with every landing! That’s how well they are written.

True Honor preferred imageTRUE HONOR

True Honor is book number three. Darcy St. James retired from the CIA after being awarded the Intelligence Star for Valor. She’s a spy. Or at least she was. But with a contract out on her head she’s retreated to the seclusion of North Dakota and a much more relaxed life until circumstances pull her back into action just before the 9-11 attacks.

Chief Petty Officer Sam “Cougar” Houston meets Darcy quite by accident after his friend Wolf’s wedding (from book two). He is one of Joe “Bear” Baker’s bear cubs and Wolf is his partner. Serving as a Navy Seal his specialty is working as a sniper. He rescues Darcy after she is attacked in a flubbed attempt at murder and sticks with her as events unfold around the world to reveal terrorists. Much of what Darcy uncovers sends Cougar into danger to help route the enemy. Eventually together they succeed and perhaps find love in the process.

Lots of detail and intrigue in this novel. (Not that there wasn’t in book one as well, book two’s enemy was war-time deployment and battles fought on foreign soil). The connection between Cougar and Darcy is quick, but it lasts, especially as they realize they both share a faith in God.

True Courage diffTRUE COURAGE

The fourth and final book in the Uncommon Hero’s series is True Courage and it is a bit of a departure from the other three. There is no connection to the Navy Seals whatsoever and none of the  characters from the first three novels emerge in this one. Having said that, FBI agent, Luke Falcon, still has his hands full and when his job takes a twist and becomes personal, it tests his faith and confidence.

Caroline Lane is a fifth-grade teacher and while she’s allowed her relationship with Luke to coast for a year, she’s beginning to think that it is not worth it since he repeatedly cancels out on their dates and is distant and distracted with work when they are together. But when Luke’s brother and her sister who are married, and Caroline’s nephew disappear on Labor Day weekend, Caroline knows that Luke is the only person she can turn to.

This novel is unique was well in that the timeline of it is about a week in duration. With kidnapping and murder happening and clues to each hard to find, Luke and Caroline struggle to learn to trust and depend on each other, and God to get them through. This book is one that, both times I’ve read it, I had to go  back and read parts of the ending. They were so well written. I was sad to see the book end, but when it did I had a smile on my face, contented for having taken the journey.

The Negotiator (Book Review)

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NegotiatorI do not normally read romantic suspense but this one intrigued me. And I got it when it was offered for free. So what did I have to lose? After all, I love romance. So I thought I would give Dee Henderson’s book, The Negotiator, a try.

I am so glad I did.

FBI agent Dave Richman finds true love while being a secret hostage in a tense situation in a bank. Talk about a bad birthday. David watches Kate O’Malley exercise her talent as a negotiator and save the lives of all the hostages as well as his own. From that day on he knew his life would never be the same. She’s a hostage negotiator. He protects people. That one incident embarks them on an adventure as they try to untie the reasons for the situation to have developed. It becomes increasingly complicated and Dave becomes introduced to a colorful group of orphans who have made themselves in to a family, all taking the same last name. Dave falls deeper into the adventure as well as love but he discovers that that falling in love with a hostage negotiator is one thing, but keeping her safe is another!

Dee Henderson is masterful in her writing of this fast paced, multi-layered novel, just one in a series that I itch to read. The book is well written with intricate details that kept me on my toes (and losing sleep so I could get just a few more pages in). It is rich and handles the deeper spiritual issues that Kate O’Malley faces as she not only tries to uncover the truth behind that hostage situation, but also the truths about just who Jesus Christ is as well as the juxtaposition of God’s justice with his mercy so powerfully met in our Savior.

Beautifully done, Dee. As an author I am in awe of your God-given talent and pray many will be blessed by your powerfully written fiction.