Mamarrazi (Book Review)

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Mamarrazi book coverI love how author Brooke Williams puts her characters into impossible situations, and she hasn’t lost her touch with Mamarrazi.

Danica Bennett has always wanted to be a photographer.

A real professional shutterbug. But unlike her mom who specialized in landscapes, she wants to take photographs of people. Unfortunately in her desperate need to care for her ailing mother and pay the rent, she has to work undercover as one of the despised Hollywood paparazzi. She slips in and out of scenes and leaves a cherry lip balm kiss on the back of her photographs that are delivered through her back alley agent. When she tries to get the lay of the land for a photo of the star of the hour, she ends up being mistaken for an extra and now she becomes the star.

Falling in love with the lead actor, Eliot Lane, and keeping a secret from him while hiding her professional identity takes it toll.

Now she’s the one whose photos are in the tabloids and whom gossip is written. When her secret is discovered, she could lose everything, including the love of a great man. And in the most publically humiliating way possible–in front of the very press she used to be a part of.

Brooke tells a compelling story and makes you want to root for the underdog. The physical comedy she adds to her romances exhibits a unique skill as a writer. If you want a romance that will make you smile, this is the story for you. Clean, wholesome romance anyone could enjoy. After all, don’t we all want a guy like Eliot?


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