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Mamarrazi (Book Review)

Mamarrazi book coverI love how author Brooke Williams puts her characters into impossible situations, and she hasn’t lost her touch with Mamarrazi.

Danica Bennett has always wanted to be a photographer.

A real professional shutterbug. But unlike her mom who specialized in landscapes, she wants to take photographs of people. Unfortunately in her desperate need to care for her ailing mother and pay the rent, she has to work undercover as one of the despised Hollywood paparazzi. She slips in and out of scenes and leaves a cherry lip balm kiss on the back of her photographs that are delivered through her back alley agent. When she tries to get the lay of the land for a photo of the star of the hour, she ends up being mistaken for an extra and now she becomes the star.

Falling in love with the lead actor, Eliot Lane, and keeping a secret from him while hiding her professional identity takes it toll.

Now she’s the one whose photos are in the tabloids and whom gossip is written. When her secret is discovered, she could lose everything, including the love of a great man. And in the most publically humiliating way possible–in front of the very press she used to be a part of.

Brooke tells a compelling story and makes you want to root for the underdog. The physical comedy she adds to her romances exhibits a unique skill as a writer. If you want a romance that will make you smile, this is the story for you. Clean, wholesome romance anyone could enjoy. After all, don’t we all want a guy like Eliot?



Accept this Dandelion (Book Review)

AcceptThisDandelionBrooke Williams has taken a national icon, The Bachelor and served it up with a twist in her delightful romantic comedy, Accept this Dandelion.

Both Renee Lockhart and Ben McConnell go into this localized version of the dating game with hidden motives. Renee wants to boost her popularity as a radio show host, potentially winning the morning co-anchor spot at her station. And she was entered by her co-workers so it’s more a matter of making the best of an uncomfortable situation. Especially when she discovers the identity of the bachelor.

Ben McConnell is wealthy and a popular man on the social circuit with a new girl on his arm at every event. But he secretly longs for a woman who will love him for who he really is, not for what his money can buy. He hopes that among the hopeful women vying or his hand, he can find one who is real and honest.

When mishap after mishap occurs, Renee is amazed that as the least likely candidate for Ben’s hand (and weed) she continues to stay in the competition. But her motives change as time goes on and she gets to know the real Ben.

This is a story that will have you smiling from page to page, and maybe groaning in sympathy for the challenges that Renee seems to find herself in on the way to falling in love. You might even bust out laughing a time or two. Williams has written a fresh and thoroughly enjoyable romp of a romance.

Always the Baker Finally the Bride (Book Review)

always the baker finallyI have enjoyed Sandra D. Bricker’s Creations by Emma Rae series that take place at the Tanglewood Inn. In the final book, Always the Baker Finally the Bride,  Emma Rae, the diabetic baker who has walked so many couples to their perfect day finally gets her chance, after several novels of her romance with hotel owner, to marry Jackson Drake.

First, let me stay that for humorous romance, Sandi Bricker stands up side by side with another favorite of mine, Janice Thompson. Both write about weddings and put a unique spin and voice that while similar in content in some ways, is refreshing and have me smiling my way through their novels.

Emma Rae finally has a ring on her finger and a date on the calendar for her wedding to Jackson but challenges abound on the way including the trauma of Jackson considering selling (gasp!) the Tanglewood! Add to that family issues, people who might not make it, Emma’s stress induced health issues, Jackson’s fear of losing her like he did his first wife, ultimately topped off by a wedding cake designer who can’t seem to come up with her own wedding cake!  And then the big question: Will they get to live their dream of a year in Paris where Jackson writes the books he’s always wanted to write and Emma takes classes in baking? Throw in a lot of other fun disasters and you won’t be able to put this book down.

The drama never ceases but the love and the familial (blood and some not) relationships that make up this series have never shone brighter. This book is bigger than Emma and Jackson but the relationships they have made over the previous novels comes together beautifully here. In a world where life is lived on the internet rather than in person, this book shines a light on the importance of the relationships with the people around us. Sandi does this brilliantly and this book was definitely the icing on the cake for her series.

I’m sad the series is over. It would be fun to follow Emma and Jackson into their future adventures (along with the friends and family that are so integral to their lives) so, Sandi, if you read this, take the hint for what it’s worth, keep going! You have a winner here; and thank you for writing such a fun and entertaining series. I think I gained ten pounds just salivating over the luscious deserts described in here.