Spatzle Speaks: Her Deadly Inheritance (Book Review)

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her deadly inheritanceNothing like starting out the new year with a great book, right? Well, Mom really liked Beth Ziarnik’s debut novel, Her Deadly Inheritance which releases tomorrow (January 2nd) but is available for preorder at ridiculously great prices. Seriously – go check it out.

Now I’m a dog but I cannot imagine coming home after everyone is trying to declare me dead. But that happened to Jill Shepherd and her family was in for a surprise. Something devious is afoot and she needs to stay alive long enough to figure out just what’s going on.

Of course, no romantic suspense would be complete without a love interest and Clay Merrick is a handy-man with a past life in Special Forces. He’s trying to track the a killer to Jill’s historic house that’s being renovated but this girl gets in his way. So now he needs to save her life or lose the woman he’s come to love.

How does this all work out? Well, snuggle up and find out for yourself. No spoilers here. But Mom really liked this book a lot. And that’s how I know, because I got lots of snuggles, petting and tummy rubsĀ as she read it, so I know it’s a great story by a fabulous author.

No bones about it. It’s a five bone book. (I don’t do stars – I’m a dog).

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