Cooper Comments: Cactus for Christmas (Book Review)

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Mom loved this sweet book and recently even went to Arizona but not a Christmas time. She said she missed the green grass and trees we have in Wisconsin. Much like Lucy who struggles to realize that Christmas can be wonderful–even if it doesn’t go according to the way it used to. Author Karen Malley covers a lot of ground in her new novella, Cactus for Christmas and it’s worth the time to cozy up to your own dog to read it like my mom did.

Lucy is a traditionalist. She likes things the way they always have been. Probably even more so since becoming a widow. Having the tree, the cookies, the decorations, family and the snow all make Christmas, well, Christmas! But when her own sister is in need she packs up her anxious dog and drives across the country to Phoenix Arizona to care for her.

They were not close, but at least she’s not too far from one of her daughters who is due to give birth. Life is upended between her sister’s handsome neighbor and a mischievous kitten who becomes the dog’s best friend.

She begins to learn that sometimes new can be great and people are more important than traditions, and maybe she’s not too old for a little romance. Will it be worth her staying around for? You’ll have to read it and see.

Of course, I love the fact that this book has a dog and it is cool that he is happier with a kitten. Not me. I like being the only dog, king of my castle. I will give this book five tennis balls because it was great, and not many stories today are about love later in life. Get this book. You’ll be glad you did!

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