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Cooper Comments: Cactus for Christmas (Book Review)

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Mom loved this sweet book and recently even went to Arizona but not a Christmas time. She said she missed the green grass and trees we have in Wisconsin. Much like Lucy who struggles to realize that Christmas can be wonderful–even if it doesn’t go according to the way it used to. Author Karen Malley covers a lot of ground in her new novella, Cactus for Christmas and it’s worth the time to cozy up to your own dog to read it like my mom did.

Lucy is a traditionalist. She likes things the way they always have been. Probably even more so since becoming a widow. Having the tree, the cookies, the decorations, family and the snow all make Christmas, well, Christmas! But when her own sister is in need she packs up her anxious dog and drives across the country to Phoenix Arizona to care for her.

They were not close, but at least she’s not too far from one of her daughters who is due to give birth. Life is upended between her sister’s handsome neighbor and a mischievous kitten who becomes the dog’s best friend.

She begins to learn that sometimes new can be great and people are more important than traditions, and maybe she’s not too old for a little romance. Will it be worth her staying around for? You’ll have to read it and see.

Of course, I love the fact that this book has a dog and it is cool that he is happier with a kitten. Not me. I like being the only dog, king of my castle. I will give this book five tennis balls because it was great, and not many stories today are about love later in life. Get this book. You’ll be glad you did!

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Spatzle Speaks: Flowers for Hattie (Book Review)

Reading Time: 2 minutes

My mom really likes the writings of Kimberly Miller, mainly because she likes music. I do as well but prefer soft jazz. Too bad I don’t get to listen to that while she reads. Mom? Hint! Hint! Anyway, Kimberly’s new book, Flowers for Hattie will be a sweet read for those who like romance, flowers, and music. It’s a winning combination.

Hattie Campanelli is an unusual woman. Sacrificial and hard-working, giving up her own dreams to help others in need. Oh, she also has blue hair, tattoos, and prefers t-shirts with snarky sayings. She isn’t the least bit intersted in dating.

Finn Winslow is a pianist for a rock band getting some rest and looking for a muse for his own compositions which are anything but rock. He may look like a bad boy musician but he’s more khakis than blue-jeans and quiet nights on the beach vs the noisy club scene.

When Finn runs into Hattie, or her into him, Finn is thrown for a loop. She doesn’t look anything like his “type” but he can’t get her out of his mind. She becomes the inspiration for him to write the instrumental love song he’s always longed to create. Now if he can just figure out how to get her to like him back. The more he learns about the enigmatic young woman, the more he likes.

Hattie finds Finn cute but a distraction, or maybe a way out of a financial dilemma the pregnancy home she helps run, is desperate for. Conscience collides with pride and desperate need, and is fueled by the persistence of the winsome Finn. But can she let go of her fears and trust a man? Could Finn win her heart?

You need to read this story. Mom gave me lots of snuggles and said it was great. The characters are fun and the story has twists and turns that might surprise you. I give it five bones because I’m a dog and that’s how I roll.

Spatzle Baganz, book reviewer for the silygoos blog because that’s how we roll.

Spatzle Speaks: A Match for Melissa (Book Review)

Reading Time: 2 minutesMom has been busy writing and editing for others and hasn’t snuggled up with me with a good book for some time. And yes, I write that to make her feel guilty. She’s always had a liking for Regency romances and to find good Christian ones is even harder. She stumbled upon A Match for Melissa by Susan Karsten and loved this sweet story.

Melissa Southwood is the daughter of an ambitious social-climbing father who wants to sell her off in exchange for a title. It’s his fondest dream. Melissa has dreams of her own, triggered even more so by finding a handsome man in a ditch. But before she could get to know him, she’s whisked back to London to be wooed by someone else.

She wants a man who is a believer and she’s not too sure about this one. When Mark, the man she rescued, shows up in town she finds herself drawn to him. Her father’s mind is set. One aristocrat desperate for money is soon pitted against another with a damaging past who has recently come to know God. Which one will win? How can she get her stubborn father to see reason?

Add in Mark’s aunt, a widow with charms of her own, and meddling relatives of Mark bent on acquiring a fortune by foul means, and you have a complicated but sweet romance that will leave you smiling with her happily-ever-after ending.

The great news is this is the first book in a series of three in the Honor’s Point Series, so we can look forward to more sweet, clean, Regencies from this fabulous new author.

I give this book five bones! Another inspirational Regency author on the scene is always to be celebrated.

Spatzle Baganz, book reviewer for the silygoos blog because that’s how we roll.

Salsa and Speedbumps (excerpt)

Reading Time: 2 minutesThis is a tiny excerpt from my current work in progress, Salsa and Speedbumps, a contemporary romance set in the Northwest Suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin against the backdrop of a viable faith community (aka “church”).

Rachel finds that one private sin has a ripple effect and the opportunity to wreak havoc on so many lives including her own. Can God bring something beautiful out of the chaos?

I admit  is unfair to share something with you that is so far from publication. I have three other fiction manuscripts that are further along in the revision process and this one is not even finished! But it was too sweet to not share because it makes me smile and ask, “Did I really write that?” To be honest, my characters just simply “take over” the writing of the story and I just dictate.

Enjoy. . .

“Christmas is just around the corner.”
“Really? I hadn’t noticed, Rob.”
“Come on, Rachel, I didn’t do too badly with the getting a tree up and decorated.”
“You did a fine job. Much better than I could have managed with my bulging belliny getting in the way.”
“I happen to be fond of that bulging belly. Reminds me of Santa Claus.”
“Very funny.” She snuggled up to Robbie’s side. “If you had a wish for Christmas, what would it be?”
“That forty years from now I would be as in love with you as I am today.”
Rachel smiled. “I like that.”
“Did you have Christmas wish?”
“Mine isn’t big enough.”
“What was it?”
“Really? You will laugh at me.”
“Really, I want to know.”
“I want a puppy.”
“A puppy.”
“Yes, a puppy.”
“We may need to wait awhile for that one. Dogs are not allowed on our lease.”
“I know, but you asked. Wishes don’t have to be realistic.”
“No, they don’t. How about I lick your face and pant in your ear. Will that do in the meantime?”
Rachel grinned and gave her husband a kiss, “Oh, that will do.”