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Rescue Team (Book Review)

rescue teamA complex and satisfying romantic suspense came out this year, by author Candace Clavert. Rescue Team makes the most, once again of Calvert’s experience as an ER nurse. She not only takes you behind the scenes at a hospital Emergency Department, but in this novel, opens up the world of Search and Rescue operations.

Kate Callison has a tragic past but it catches up to taunt her when a baby is found delivered and dead on the bathroom floor. Did the mom check in at the ER desk? Is she responsible for abandoning her baby when Safe Haven laws would have allowed her to give it up? Who is going to be held accountable for this? As Kate runs the ER it ultimately falls on her shoulders and she had even spoken to the woman in obvious distress. Should she have pushed harder to help her? If only she had known . . . But Kate is burdened with overcoming the spectre of the fabulous nurse who had been previously in charged. Much loved and murdered. How does one compete with a dead woman?

Wes Tanner specializes in finding lost people. Having once been lost himself as a young man, he has nver forgiven his mother for abandoning him before she killed herself, nor has he forgotten the feeling of being found again. Something about Kate Callison intrigues him. Her walls are up, but just who is she hiding from? She denies being lost, but is that true? Confronted with his own demons from the past, can he overcome his resentment towards his mother and love Kate in spite of her own past?

Throw in a swarmy lawyer, a repentant father, a cast of characters who are friends and Wes’ family and a flood, and you have a story that keeps you enthralled and wondering how it would ever be possible for these two lost souls to find God–and each other. When they both realize God never lost either of them, well, that’s when the magic happens.


Trauma Plan (Book Review)

I picked Trauma Planup a copy of Candace Calvert’s book, Trauma Plan the other day and was happily drawn into a lovely romance.

Chaplain Riley Hale has tried to rebel against her wealthy and overprotective parents, by becoming an ER nurse. She loved her job but her career was sidelined after a brutal physical assualt left her with serious and permanent deficits in her physical ability to do the job. As she tries to recover she works in the ER as a Chaplain.

Life drastically changes the day she meets the ER Doc who some referred to as “Rambo.” Dr. Jack Travis has served his country, and devotes the majority of his time to helping the indigent people who lack medical care, by operating a free medical clinic.

The two meet but initially clash. Jack realizes he could use Riley’s name to help get positive support for his clinic, which is under attack by the local community. Riley realizes that Jacks offer for her to volunteer at the clinic would be a way for her to practice her skills and possibly et back into full time nursing as she desires.

What neither of them expect is that they would fall in love. As events unfold around them, they learn what is more important than their own selfish desires and that God uses everything as part of His perfect plan.

I really enjoyed this book. Candace is a former ER nurse herself and is able to give credibility to the life of those people who struggle to help those in their most desperate hours. She weaves lovely details into the story and a few surprises. Most of all she treats the issue of physical and emotional pain and the way that can interfere or draw us closer to God, in a realistic way without being preachy. I loved this novel and look forward to reading more of her work.