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Reviving Jules (Book Review)

reviving julesPeggy Trotter loves to take women beaten down by life and resurrect them and hopping into her stories to enjoy the journey is an adventure. This is no less true than with her latest contemporary inspirational romance novel, Reviving Jules.

Believing marriage was forever, Jules Summers is stunned when her’s falls apart. She runs from her church, family and town to lick her wounds in private. And she runs away from the God she believes let it happen. humiliated, depressed and alone, she struggles to survive day by day. When a little girl appears in her backyard, she has no clue that God is showing her just how little He forgets.

Rhett Carsen is the father of the little girl and strikes up a friendship with Jules. He too has been wounded by love-gone-wrong and has vowed to never remarry. But trying to work full-time and care for his precocious daughter when he needs to travel means he needs help.

He enlists the lovely Jules as a nanny since she to be a teacher and has bonded with his daughter. Her life is moorless and his need for help is so great, what could be wrong with a business relationship to ensure that?

The journey these two characters take is heartwarming. I’m not sure why Jules’s journey resonated so much with me but it did and watching her come alive to God, to love and to forgiveness in the wake of all the challenges she faced was a joy to read.



Trauma Plan (Book Review)

I picked Trauma Planup a copy of Candace Calvert’s book, Trauma Plan the other day and was happily drawn into a lovely romance.

Chaplain Riley Hale has tried to rebel against her wealthy and overprotective parents, by becoming an ER nurse. She loved her job but her career was sidelined after a brutal physical assualt left her with serious and permanent deficits in her physical ability to do the job. As she tries to recover she works in the ER as a Chaplain.

Life drastically changes the day she meets the ER Doc who some referred to as “Rambo.” Dr. Jack Travis has served his country, and devotes the majority of his time to helping the indigent people who lack medical care, by operating a free medical clinic.

The two meet but initially clash. Jack realizes he could use Riley’s name to help get positive support for his clinic, which is under attack by the local community. Riley realizes that Jacks offer for her to volunteer at the clinic would be a way for her to practice her skills and possibly et back into full time nursing as she desires.

What neither of them expect is that they would fall in love. As events unfold around them, they learn what is more important than their own selfish desires and that God uses everything as part of His perfect plan.

I really enjoyed this book. Candace is a former ER nurse herself and is able to give credibility to the life of those people who struggle to help those in their most desperate hours. She weaves lovely details into the story and a few surprises. Most of all she treats the issue of physical and emotional pain and the way that can interfere or draw us closer to God, in a realistic way without being preachy. I loved this novel and look forward to reading more of her work.