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Breathing on Her Own (Book Review)

breathing on her ownI am in the fortunate position, many times, to get asked to read and review a book by another author. While the manuscript I review is free to me, I try to be honest in the review. Breathing on Her Own by Rebecca Waters is one such book. It is not a romance but a contemporary women’s fiction. As well as a complex journey that a family takes on in healing and faith.

What if, after your adult daughter’s accident, the most hopeful words someone could say to you was “At least she is breathing on her own?” This is the reality that Molly Tipton and her husband are faced with after they learn their oldest (married) daughter was involved in a car accident and barely alive. The other occupant of the car as dead.

A sharp curve, dark night and alcohol were involved.

Throw in a difficult recovery and other losses as well as the possibility of a lawsuit for vehicular homoside and Molly soon realizes that her daughter is not the only one who is injured. Molly’s faith, or lack of it, is scraped raw by the events surrounding her daughter and she comes to realize how much she has to grow and learn and recover herself from a paralytic faithlessness.

As they struggle with the physical aspects of healing the family, and especially Molly, are challenged with their spiritual healing as well. Can God provide and make good the mistakes of the past?

This is a well written story that takes you into the pain of a family struggling through a crisis not only of physical pain, but financial and spiritual as well and discovering God’s restorative hand doesn’t always give us what we want, but exactly what we need. The book is available on preorder and is due out on the 25th of March.

Broken Things (Book Review)

Broken thingsBroken Things, re-released by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, is an unusual romance novel by Andrea Boeshaar, that looks at the choices of Allie Littenberg and Jack Callahan. Both were in love long ago in Chicago but separations and miscommunication led to them never reuniting. Well, at least until Allie returns to Chicago for a consulting job and decides to look up her former love. She’s a widow now with one son who is in ministry and married. She’s hopes repair some bridges that may have been burned by her choice to leave.

Jack Callahan is not happy to see his former girlfriend, the woman he had wanted most to marry. Sure he had eventually married, but his wife had left and was dead and he had to raise their son. Wounded and broken by life, this cop had abandoned God and would like to keep it that way if his son and now Allie would leave Him out of the equation.

Allie is hurt by Jack’s refusal but understands it, so she steps back and does her job which leads her to taking on abuses at the nursing home she is working for. The woman she found being abused is dying and has no family interested. So Allie pours her time and heart into ministering to this broken woman on the verge of eternity.

Andrea does a beautiful job weaving in the emotional turmoil of the characters in her book. As Jack struggles with his conflicted feelings towards Allie, he’s forced to confront his anger towards God and own up to his past mistakes along the way. How this all blends together is beautiful. Broken people can be used by God and God never gives up on those who have been broken and living apart from Him. He always stands ready and waiting with open arms. He is the master of fixing broken things (aka hearts).